man doing yoga plank pose
Instruction Platform Taps AI to Improve At-Home Yoga Experience

MixPose created an online yoga platform that utilizes AI and live video to make at-home workouts more connected. Both users and instructors can view pose estimations, and instructors can then give users helpful tips to improve their posture and overall yoga experience. 

Three mobile screens on agriculture machinery show driver lots of data
Agriculture Proves Fertile Field for IoT

Technology provides the granular–and speedy–analysis needed by farmers and agriculture companies to increase yields, reduce waste, and boost their profits.  

Young woman looks at digital display with different beauty products
Interactive Retail Displays Help Boost Customer Engagement

Interactive retail displays blend convenience of online shopping with the in-person shopping experience. Computer vision tracks in-store consumer engagement, triggers multimedia displays, and collects shopper analytics, providing retailers with a trove of information about consumer behavior.  

Image of white man, Mike Gualtieri
Five Critical Questions to Ask When Buying or Building AI Solutions

Buy or build? Where's the data coming from? Potential customers of AI and machine learning applications must first do their due diligence by asking the right questions.  

pistons and gears on manufacturing floor
AI Roots Out Waste and Inefficiency in Manufacturing

Manufacturers are using artificial intelligence to cut losses and waste. Computer vision can identify and address issues in production that directly impact the success of a business, both financially and sustainably.  

image of floral drawings and child with mask on next to leopard
A New Take on the Digital Photo Booth

A European shopping mall converted its digital display into an interactive, augmented reality digital photo booth, and consumers responded. The photo spot attracts customers, which increases business, and provides the store with insightful shopper analytics.  

person wearing blue band on arm in front of digital screen
Cruise Lines Turn to IoT for Safe, Personalized Customer Experience

Cruise lines are looking to IoT for easy and engaging guest experiences. Wearable devices embedded with sensors and connected mobile apps allow guests to unlock staterooms, make contactless purchases, and explore interactive content on board the ship.   

Image of woman in yellow shirt on laptop screen
Nestle Puts the AI in Baking

Artificial intelligence and digital animation result in an autonomous virtual person that offers branded outreach and customer interaction. This season’s holiday bakers can get virtual assistance when and where they need it, and (hopefully) perfectly delicious cookies.  

cocktail with lemon rind sits next to laptop screen
Bars Add a Twist of AI for Better Beverage Inventory Control

Software companies are using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to simplify and automate the beverage inventory process for bars and restaurants. The new apps make inventory fast, easy, and more accurate, cutting labor and operational costs in the process.  

white, bearded man, Mike Trojecki
New Podcast: What’s Ahead for IoT in 2022?

The end of the year signals the time for looking back to better predict what transformational technologies will have the biggest impact in the new year. To learn what’s happening with the big three: IoT, AI, and edge computing, we talked with an expert in IoT solution design and partnerships, Intel’s Mike Trojecki. Find out what he says will be in the IoT hot zone in 2022.   

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