DC Taps Smart Grid Solutions for IoT Water Meter Rollout The installation and management of an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) can have a huge positive impact on water usage and consumption in urban areas.
Smarter DC Project Taps IoT to Ease Capital Congestion An interagency, multi-partner project called Smarter DC uses several IoT pilot programs that will lay the groundwork for the transformation of DC to a smart city.
CityBeacon Kiosks Connect Cities, Citizens and Businesses A smart kiosk from CityBeacon displays useful city information and services.
Dimension Data Adds Epic IoT Tech to Bike Race IoT technology has become an integral part of the sporting experience, from the management of sporting events and smart stadiums to the way the players utilize wearables and track data. 
Law Enforcement Offers Incentives to Install IoT Neighborhood Watch Cities such as Allentown, PA, are offering security camera system funding incentives to solution providers to help investigators solve crime and deter criminals on the city streets.
IoT Devices Hit Centre Court at Wimbledon Technological innovations such as connected tennis rackets, wearables and audience monitoring tools are a smash at the world’s most popular tennis match.