Rogue Ales Uses IoT for Efficient Supply Chain Tracking Using the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform, Rogue collects temperature and humidity data on its shipments of hops at every stage between the hop yard and the brewery.  
IoT Closes Gaps in Pharma Supply Chain Tracking temperatures and locations with IoT-based thermo-monitoring solutions is keeping life-saving medicines viable and patients safe.
IEI Brings IoT Value to Smart Manufacturers IEI offers an Intel® IOT Market Ready Solution that collects manufacturing and equipment data for analysis. Based on analyst projections, digitizing on-floor data for predictive maintenance and factory automation is primed for growth and IEI has proven solutions to support integrators.  
Drones Swoop in as the New Industrial Inspection Tool With agile maneuverability, ruggedized drones use cameras and IoT sensors to inspect industrial areas where humans can’t venture and can identify everything from leaks and dents to infrastructure and integrity problems.
Intel and GE Smart LEDs Are Newest Bright Spot in IoT Market Sometimes it’s the most common piece of hardware where embedded IoT sensors can be the most useful—and have the largest market opportunity. GE and Intel have identified that hot spot for development: the smart light bulb.
Connect the Dots: Opportunity Knocks if IT Buys OT a Beer From the manufacturing floor to the power grid, IT teams are being asked to aggregate, collate and analyze data on the real-time status of everything from motor vibration to temperature, air particles, humidity, sounds, power use and just about everything that can be measured and quantified.