Sea Machines Uses AI, Vision to Steer Shipping Vessels to Safety New maritime technology taps computer vision and artificial intelligence to enable commercial ships and workboats to operate autonomously. The new capabilities open up shipping routes and improve disaster response with increased safety and less environmental impact than current processes.
Smart Mobile Robots Automate, Optimize Construction Projects Technology is not new to the construction industry. As technology improves and construction demand increases with the growing population, builders are looking for new ways to optimize performance. Intelligent mobile construction robots are emerging to help lighten the load. 
BIM Technology Key to Rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral Building information modeling technology is being used to accelerate reconstruction efforts of the iconic gothic cathedral. From planning and design to sourcing and construction, the digital model provides insights and enables collaboration across restoration teams.
Can AI Help Companies Struggling with the Great Resignation? As organizations face workforce gaps and talent losses, Pymetrics sees its AI platform as an alternative to traditional HR hiring practices. Using AI can help lessen human bias and identify quality candidates, hire equitably, reduce turnover rate, and enhance performance. Pymetrics applies AI-driven assessments to help companies build diverse, top-performing teams.
New Podcast: Lights, Camera, Action: The Intelligent Video Boom As crowds return to public events and spaces, venue managers are challenged to find innovative ways to provide fast, intelligent security. They are moving to tools that use computer vision and AI and can keep a watchful eye on crowds flowing in, out, and around public spaces and events. To see what’s happening in the world of vision-based security tech, the IoT Integrator editors checked in with expert Kasia Hanson, Global IoT Video Sales Director at Intel®.
AI-based Simulation Tool Keeps Construction on Track The power of AI allows general contractors to model construction projects, adjusting parameters on the fly to find the optimal construction schedule. It reduces upfront risks, helps keep projects on task, and can rein in expenses if they get out of control.
Turbocharging Defect Detection: Machine Vision 2.0 Defect detection gets a boost from deep learning artificial intelligence. Improving computer vision solutions is saving companies from costly redundant practices and bolstering production capacity.
Industrial Voice-Controlled Robots Use AI to Facilitate Programming Voice-controlled industrial robots incorporate AI and speech recognition to instruct robots and cut programming time by as much as 90 percent.    
Travel Boom Jumpstarts Demand for Digital Signs, Wayfinding Tools As travel and tourism make a post-pandemic comeback, hotels and event centers are transforming operations to provide a safe, contactless and efficient guest experience. Digital signage and interactive wayfinding are becoming fast-growing solution areas for hospitality, as they can direct guests to all the amenities and services the facility has to offer while being mindful of rapidly evolving health requirements.  
Computer Vision Solution Keeps Private Data Out of the Picture Machine learning and image processing are integral to smart factories, but privacy remains a concern. A computer vision solution with integrated anonymization capabilities satisfies regulators and enables employees to better train AI models.  

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