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Download our new IoT Solution Integrator eBook to find out how to build an automated, intelligent future. 
Predictive Maintenance Ensures Smooth Manufacturing Operations With increasing reliance on automated manufacturing operations, predictive maintenance solutions allow operators to stay ahead of critical equipment failures. AI-based solutions monitor even the most minute changes, so operators can schedule downtime with the least impact on productivity.
Edge Analytics for the Autonomous Enterprise Distributed manufacturing operations present unique challenges when deploying automation technologies. Combining edge computing with distributed data analysis allows the enterprise to realize operational gains, while benefiting from intelligent data management from the edge through the cloud.
New Podcast: The Power of Partnerships The path to building a successful IoT solution is often more of a bumpy road than a smooth highway. Bringing partners, distributors, technology manufacturers, solution integrators, and customers together on a project requires a unique facilitator, sometimes known as a “digital orchestrator.” In our podcast, Andy Timm, ecosystem architect and advisor for New Vision Solutions, talks about how he operates as a digital orchestrator and shares insights on matchmaking and partnerships. 
A Deep Dive on How Adventures with Purpose Puts Search and Rescue Tech to Work The underwater search and recovery group taps a fleet of smart technology, including sonar, drones, and underwater voice communications to crack cold cases of missing persons and vehicles.
The Rosetta Stone of Digital Automation Nothing can derail a digital automation upgrade faster than the overwhelming complexity of collecting and analyzing data from the myriad devices, sensors, and machines, all of which use different protocols and interfaces. A new collaborative solution enables manufacturers to harness the data in their OT and IT networks to gain valuable insights across the enterprise.
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Military Snags Fibers to Make Multipurpose Smart Clothes Wearable technologies move from an armband to a shirt to a full uniform. Embedded programmable fibers can track a person’s physiological conditions and send alerts if the person is in need of medical attention.
AI Brings Visibility to Supply Chain Partnerships Even with the rise of Industry 4.0, much of today’s supply chain reporting is handled with pen and paper. It is slow, often inaccurate, and provides no transparency along the way. A platform that digitizes the supply chain network enables retailers and suppliers to gain visibility and be accountable, from sourcing to delivery.