DaVinci Kitchen Robot Serves Up Meals in Minutes Automated kitchen powered by Intel® processors cooks fast, tasty, made-to-order pasta for contact-free dining. Could the processors, robotic arm, and cleaning station handle the prep work for future Thanksgiving meals?  
The New Approach to Hospitality: A Hotel Run by Robots Having robots in charge of the reception and placing robots everywhere, the Henn-na Hotel aims to be the most efficient hotel in the world.
Mobile POS is the Newest Fast Food Habit The newest top dog at Habit Burger Grill is a fleet of connected smart tablets. The staff uses these full-function mobile ordering and payment tools to take orders anywhere, from food truck to dining table. 
Cooking with IoT in Commercial Kitchens Cloud-based technology and IoT are enabling the restaurant and hospitality industry to get more out of their commercial kitchens—a lot more.