Connect the Dots: Heart-Rate Monitor Accelerates Internet of Us Easy, low-power heart rate monitor integrates both ECG and PPG.
Supporting Minimally Invasive Surgery the Smart Way One medical tool that frequently comes into play on the operating table—the endoscope—is getting an IoT assist.
IoT Remote Health Solution Connects Patients to Providers The Intel Health Application Platform (HAP) can be used by remote care solution providers to enable a variety of remote health care usage models.
IoT Provides Cost-Effective Patient Monitoring While hospital diagnostic devices are expensive, remote tools that use IoT sensors can monitor a patient almost as effectively and help detect issues that need immediate treatment.
Waging the Smart Battle Against Cancer Working with healthcare industry leaders, Intel is leveraging the capabilities of IoT to reach its goal of creating a one-day precision medicine program for new cancer patients by 2020. 
IoT Wrist Sensor Taps into Sweat to Gather Health Data Population health management is a hotspot where data collected from IoT sensors has the potential to bring broad rewards. 
3D Printing Is New Antidote for Healthcare Costs 3D printers are moving rapidly into the healthcare space and already showing value by providing cost savings and customization for a growing number of healthcare needs. 
IoT Robots Take on a New Mission: Elder Health and Fitness Taiwanese-based ASUS is tapping into IoT solutions and developing companion-oriented robots as always-on-duty, affordable caregivers for the elderly.
IoT Devices and Big Data Offer Path to Better Population Health New data streams from IoT medical devices and wearables may help patients and doctors in the fight against chronic disease, including diabetes.

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