The Digital Hotel Uses IoT to Create the Ultimate Guest Experience The refurbished Sinclair Hotel gives new meaning to embedded IoT. Technology is built into every aspect of the hotel from check-in to room amenities to hotel dining. IoT and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) are making the Sinclair more efficient, drastically reducing power costs. Now, the automation has even more value in virus defense, as its technology profile allows the hotel to eliminate dozens of touchpoints when it reopens later this year. 
Companies Step Up to Meet Rising Ventilator Demand, Energy Needs for Hospitals With coronavirus infections still increasing, the supply of ventilators for patients is falling short. Companies including Co-Vents and Bloom Energy are working non-stop to meet demand and also helping field hospitals keep the life-saving machinery running with clean microgrid power.  
Modernizing the Electrical Grid Can today’s utilities respond to increased demand for renewable energy, the addition of IoT devices to the network, and a fast-growing population? Indra offers a new look at traditional grid operations that reflects the arrival of IoT, automation, and predictive analytics.     
Smart Water Utilities Put IoT in the Pipes While gas and electric companies have been quick to adopt smart meters, water utilities are marching at a slower pace. 
Securing IoT in the Smart Grid As IoT and cloud technologies become more prevalent, security management for the utility industry is shifting toward finding an end-to-end approach for both IT and operations technology (OT). 
Safety First: IoT Solutions for Hazardous Industrial Environments Atlanta-based Aegex Technologies knows that the IoT industry is set to explode—literally.

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