Education Transformation: New Technology to Go the Distance As schools and universities prepare for fall classes, technology such as IoT, AI-based vision applications, and remote learning apps and solutions will all have an increasingly important role in the education ecosystem. See what technologies are in use worldwide that are helping teachers and students stay safe and still maintain an interactive, collaborative learning environment.  
Night at the Museum: VR, Streaming Keep the Virtual Doors Open Museums that have closed their physical doors now focus on providing a virtual experience with help from streaming media, social media, and virtual reality. Cowboy Tim, penguins, and other unexpected icons bring joy to the homebound and push the boundaries of our cultural institutions.  
Chromebook Demand Skyrockets as Classrooms Shift to Remote E-Learning With schools shuttered due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many teachers are relying on Chromebooks and other devices to keep students engaged while they finish the school year, but not everyone has access to the new tools of the trade. School districts and solutions integrators are stepping up to address the need.