Using IoT to Separate from the Herd: Smart Monitoring of Livestock Amid an agricultural labor shortage and tight operation margins, farmers discover IoT sensors that efficiently monitor and track livestock location and other activities. To do this, connected sensors gather, export, and display data to an intelligent animal management platform via edge connection. Here’s how HerdDogg, using a Bluetooth® livestock monitoring system, rounds the data up.
New Podcast: The Future of Farming: Smart Tractors and Automation Listen to Praveen Penmetsa explain the latest innovations in smart tractors and AgTech. As CEO and co-founder at Monarch Tractor, Penmetsa is pushing the boundaries of agriculture technology, regulations, labor, and sustainability while going head-to-head with some of the biggest global brands. 
Animal Feed Manufacturer Uses IoT to Enhance Sustainability Enterra, which produces insect ingredients for animal feed and pet food companies, wanted to gain real-time visibility into its operations to enable greater sustainability and efficiency. The company tapped Intel® IoT Solution Aggregator Ingram Micro and solution implementer WBM Technologies Inc. to help achieve its goals.
Speedy, Automated Robotics Yield High Efficiency in Food Packing Soft flexible grippers and computer vision bring specialized automation capabilities to the food packaging market. Under the guidance of artificial intelligence, robotic arms are lending a hand to pack perishables for shipping.
Intelligent Automation Is the Future of Farming The global food demand is increasing, and farmers are increasingly enduring labor shortages and unpredictable weather conditions. AI and machine learning are helping farmers fight these challenges with automated equipment and computer vision, including John Deere’s new autonomous tractor.
Strawberry Fields Forever: Computer Vision Aids Precision Harvesting A robotic berry picker has the potential to change strawberry harvest. With 16 distinct robots within one autonomous vehicle, berries can be harvested quickly and carefully. The computer vision and artificial intelligence that enables such precise picking provides farmers with a trove of data about each plant and the farm, improving crops and profits.
Flying Autonomous Robots Have Far-Reaching Uses in Agriculture Labor shortages and increased costs are propelling IoT use in the agriculture industry. Orchards can soon use flying autonomous robots (FAR) to detect, harvest, and track the collection of ripe fruit. 
Autonomous Smart Tractor from Monarch Takes Flight With goals for a more sustainable future, vineyards in California are exploring the fully electric, driver-optional, data-driven Monarch Tractor. The in-field hubs of data are helping farmers maintain root to fruit visibility, analyze moisture levels, count fruit clusters, and perform other agronomy functions. Zero emissions and a realistic price tag makes this vintage of autonomous tractors appealing to many.
Transparent Path Adds Intelligence to Long-Haul Cargo Monitoring 5G sensors working with cloud-based analytics allow shippers, distributors, and recipients to track location and status of perishable cargo.
Food Distributor Uses IoT to Keep Tabs On Perishable Food Shipments In addition to pallets of produce, Feeding the Northwest’s long-haul trucks are loaded with wireless IoT sensors that track the location, temperature, and humidity of their delicate cargo.