Cloud-based Dashcam Improves Fleet Management

The ubiquity of cell phones brings once cumbersome technologies right to our fingertips. Custom applications and cloud computing open present new opportunities to reveal operational insights and save delivery companies money.

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Fleet management is one industry that benefits from cloud computing in multiple ways. Operators who outfit their delivery vehicles with dashcams or cell phones with dashcam apps can glean a host of information about each vehicle. Transport service platforms track a vehicle’s location, route, speed, load, and driver characteristics. These systems can help plan efficient delivery routes, protect against distracted driving, and can be invaluable if a driver is in an accident.

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Sirqul’s Route ‘N’ Roll is a logistics and mobility platform designed for transportation and delivery fleets. The software solution, based on Intel technologies, turns a mobile phone into a dashcam. It collects vehicle and driver data, which is sent to the cloud, where it can be viewed on a web dashboard.

Route ‘N’ Roll supports telematics with the integration of the Intel® On-Board Diagnostic II (OBD-II) dongle, powered by the Intel® Atom x3 processor. It collects data streams to provide mechanical diagnostics and fuel consumption data.

Sirqul’s solutions taps artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive algorithms to simulate and adjust routes in real-time, schedule drivers, and track the fleet. Operators can see the entire fleet and optimize routes for fuel or time efficiency. Real-time communications allow dispatchers to notify drivers of route changes, special instructions, construction, and more. Route ‘N’ Roll supports geo-fencing to reduce paperwork, offers predictive analysis for better fleet management, and monitors vehicle diagnostics for maintenance.

Mobile devices showing Sirqul's GreenLight platform.

Image credit: Sirqul

Get the GreenLight

Clients who want high-definition video incident capture can opt for Sirqul’s GreenLight telematics and camera app, which integrates with Route ‘N’ Roll. Drivers download the app to their mobile phone and place it in Sirqul’s dashboard-mounted SmartCradle. The SmartCradle automatically launches GreenLight and turns the Android and iOS phone into a dashcam. GreenLight detects, records, and saves video in case of an accident. Video telematics can reduce the likelihood of speeding by 50 percent and accidents by 40 percent, which also cuts claim costs.

The GreenLight software also tracks a driver’s speed, braking, phone use, and other factors to assess individual safety. It aggregates anonymous driver data across the fleet to ensure safety compliance and to promote driver accountability. It highlights trending data and areas needing improvement.

GreenLight Fleet Management telematics can simulate and optimize routes. It enables real-time monitoring for fast and flexible delivery response and ensures secure operations through geo-fencing.

The Route ‘N’ Roll white-label software can be branded for clients and customized. Integrators can build their own apps or choose from Sirqul’s 400 API, SDKs, dashboards, and application templates, to speed up deployment. Route ‘N’ Roll can be integrated with existing fleet platforms and also can be used for car sharing, ride-hailing, food delivery, and public transportation systems.

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