New Podcast: How to Fast-track IoT Solutions The path to building a viable IoT solution takes persistence, skill, and collaboration. To help solution integrators and businesses achieve the full transformative promise of AI-enabled IoT, Intel® and its partner ecosystem offer market-ready solutions and RFP kits to foster project collaboration. In our podcast, Lesek Demont, Global OT-SI Strategy Manager at Intel, shares insights into these programs and discusses which of the 480-plus repeatable solutions currently in the Intel® IoT Solutions Marketplace are in highest demand.  
New Podcast: The Power of Partnerships The path to building a successful IoT solution is often more of a bumpy road than a smooth highway. Bringing partners, distributors, technology manufacturers, solution integrators, and customers together on a project requires a unique facilitator, sometimes known as a “digital orchestrator.” In our podcast, Andy Timm, ecosystem architect and advisor for New Vision Solutions, talks about how he operates as a digital orchestrator and shares insights on matchmaking and partnerships. 
Telehealth: Tools to Help in the Fight Against Coronavirus IoT technologies allow medical professionals to provide remote clinical services to patients, bringing better healthcare options to more people at a lower cost. Telehealth services are critical to reducing the spread of diseases like the flu and coronavirus, and they will continue to grow as more patients demand remote care. 
Cloud-based Management Unlocks Access Control Market The powerful combination of IoT technologies and smart phones have propelled the smart lock industry into a fast-growing market. Building managers are loading their virtual toolbox with intelligent solutions that unlock better security and much greater control and flexibility.
IoT Security Requirements for OT Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that take down well-known websites are alarming wake up calls for organizations with limited security. Many of these attacks take advantage of vulnerabilities in home-connected IoT devices.
Help Wanted: Cybersecurity Solution Providers Companies that can provide innovative ways to secure IoT devices are getting the golden ticket from investors. Solution providers should respond by moving cybersecurity up the priority list.