Cloud-based Dashcam Improves Fleet Management The ubiquity of cell phones brings once cumbersome technologies right to our fingertips. Custom applications and cloud computing open present new opportunities to reveal operational insights and save delivery companies money.
AI Reshapes Fashion Design and Manufacturing Artificial intelligence technologies and robotics are driving changes in the world of fashion. From market analysis to custom designs to waste reduction, AI opens the door for designers to be on trend, responsive, and conscientious global citizens.
AI-Enabled Drones Protect Animals and Save Lives Drones with integrated cameras, machine learning analysis, and low-latency live streaming are protecting Australia’s beachgoers from shark attacks and crocodile encounters. The same technology enables rescue efforts for swimmers and surfers in distress, while providing information about marine life and habitats.  
AI and Drones Improve Power Line Inspections Power line inspections are necessary but dangerous and expensive. Using drones, machine learning, and humans to help train the AI, image-based inspection solutions are safer and more effective than sending techs in the field.  
Data Analytics Help Prevent Loan Fraud Financial fraud can cripple lenders. Battling scammers takes a toll, not only from the loss of money loaned, but also from the time spent trying to separate true customers from false applicants. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help lenders protect themselves against scam artists.  
New Podcast: Mastering IoT Data Tina Rosario has a dream job. As Head of Data Innovation and Chief Data Officer, SAP Europe, she lives in Paris and works with an impressive set of customers located throughout Europe. Rosario spends lots of time trying to understand the various types of IoT data customers have and how they can best leverage their data and analytics to create business value. More than ever before, IoT data sets are mixing it up with business data and providing valuable insights to operations.  
IoT Makes a Power Play for the Energy Grid Power grids are increasingly taxed by the addition of more devices, higher demand for power, and age-old monitoring systems. Active grid management solutions stabilize the grid, providing much needed visibility and analytics to balance energy production and consumption.  
The Urban Institute Uses AI to Help Fight Inequality in US Cities IBM and the Urban Institute are using the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data as a Service to identify neighborhoods at risk of community decline or gentrification and enable timely policy proposals to prevent displacement. The project will use deep data analysis to create machine learning models that will shape policy suggestions.  
AI Brings Vision to Sight Impaired Machine learning and computer vision aid doctors in the diagnosis of diabetic-related eye diseases, enabling early treatment and preventing vision loss. People who have experienced profound vision loss might benefit in the future from an AI-based bionic eye that provides spatial awareness.
AI-based Platform Analyzes QSR Customer Data, Levels Playing Field for Restaurant Owners Brightloom combines data mining and machine learning in a software platform that identifies customer buying patterns and predicts future purchases. With detailed customer information, smaller restaurants can personalize offers to encourage brand loyalty and increase sales.  

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