Get the IoTSI eBook: Fast Track Your IoT & Edge AI Deployment The Internet of Things, edge computing, and AI are on trajectory to collectively revolutionize how the world uses data. Download our new IoT Solution Integrator eBook to find out how to build an automated, intelligent future.   
First Autonomous Retail Store in Germany Taps Smart IoT, AI, and Vision A German-based startup brings cashless retail technology to a local organic market. Rife with artificial intelligence, computer vision, and deep learning technologies, the goal is more than consumer convenience; the founders aim to develop more sustainability to neighborhood stores.
Delivering Smart, Transformative, Fleet Management Solutions Digital transformation is making inroads in fleet management. With advanced telematics data, fleet managers can improve safety, security, and efficiency. Intel-powered solutions and development tools can help system integrators build the right solutions for their customers.
AI and Vision Team Up to Improve Assembly Line Processes Industry 4.0 demands technologies that bridge the gap between the IT and the OT systems. A successful solution does more than monitor devices. It synthesizes vast amounts of information and identifies trends and weak points to enable data-driven improvements on the factory floor.
Using IoT to Separate from the Herd: Smart Monitoring of Livestock Amid an agricultural labor shortage and tight operation margins, farmers discover IoT sensors that efficiently monitor and track livestock location and other activities. To do this, connected sensors gather, export, and display data to an intelligent animal management platform via edge connection. Here’s how HerdDogg, using a Bluetooth® livestock monitoring system, rounds the data up.
Smart Robots Use Vision, AI to Reduce Supply Chain Challenges ForwardX designed three visual Autonomous Mobile Robots to improve safety and efficiency during fulfillment, distribution, and manufacturing. The ForwardX robots and associated software suite use IoT technology, computer vision, and machine learning to assist human workers, collect and transfer materials, and determine optimal performance within facilities to meet companies’ changing needs. 
How to Integrate High-Value, AI-Powered Manufacturing Solutions AI is transforming the manufacturing industry as customers seek applications that boost productivity, improve accuracy, and reduce downtime. Watch our video to learn how solution integrators can take advantage of the growing market for smart manufacturing.
New Podcast: The Future of Farming: Smart Tractors and Automation Listen to Praveen Penmetsa explain the latest innovations in smart tractors and AgTech. As CEO and co-founder at Monarch Tractor, Penmetsa is pushing the boundaries of agriculture technology, regulations, labor, and sustainability while going head-to-head with some of the biggest global brands. 
Smart IoT Security Network Puts Eyes and Ears on the Street RADAR, an integrated, collaborative security system with AI at the edge gives first responders the images and audio they need to act fast for public safety. 
A Deep Dive on How Adventures with Purpose Puts Search and Rescue Tech to Work The underwater search and recovery group taps a fleet of smart technology, including sonar, drones, and underwater voice communications to crack cold cases of missing persons and vehicles.