Get the IoTSI eBook: Fast Track Your IoT & Edge AI Deployment The Internet of Things, edge computing, and AI are on trajectory to collectively revolutionize how the world uses data. Download our new IoT Solution Integrator eBook to find out how to build an automated, intelligent future.   
Powering Up: How IoT Drives Energy Grid Transformation IoT integrators have a big opportunity to deliver more flexible infrastructure solutions to support the transformation of energy distribution. Watch our video to learn how you can tap into the growing demand.
First Autonomous Retail Store in Germany Taps Smart IoT, AI, and Vision A German-based startup brings cashless retail technology to a local organic market. Rife with artificial intelligence, computer vision, and deep learning technologies, the goal is more than consumer convenience; the founders aim to develop more sustainability to neighborhood stores.
Coming to a Car Near You: Smart Digital License Plates Automotive technology innovation is finally making its way to every part of a vehicle, including the license plate, where car owners and fleet managers in several states can now choose to add 6x12-inch LED screen license plates. The company behind the technology, Reviver, has plans to add many features for the digital license plate, including family services and alerts, stolen car reporting, tolling system integration, vehicle diagnostic alerts, DMV transactions, and parking payment services integration.
Delivering Smart, Transformative, Fleet Management Solutions Digital transformation is making inroads in fleet management. With advanced telematics data, fleet managers can improve safety, security, and efficiency. Intel-powered solutions and development tools can help system integrators build the right solutions for their customers.
Meeting the Urgent Need to Make Hospitals Truly Smart The healthcare technology opportunity is growing at a rapid pace, as smart hospital solutions are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Hospitals and medical centers are looking for experts who can enable truly data-driven image portability, telehealth, and medical device security solutions. Watch our video to learn how solution integrators can tap into the growing market for smart healthcare technology.
New Podcast: The Future of Farming: Smart Tractors and Automation Listen to Praveen Penmetsa explain the latest innovations in smart tractors and AgTech. As CEO and co-founder at Monarch Tractor, Penmetsa is pushing the boundaries of agriculture technology, regulations, labor, and sustainability while going head-to-head with some of the biggest global brands. 
Smart Environmental Monitoring Protects Museum Collections Long range sensors monitor environmental conditions, so museums can protect priceless artwork, artifacts, and historical papers from deteriorating. Some technologies even allow museums to mine their warehouses to maintain better inventory and to create digital exhibits.
The Rosetta Stone of Digital Automation Nothing can derail a digital automation upgrade faster than the overwhelming complexity of collecting and analyzing data from the myriad devices, sensors, and machines, all of which use different protocols and interfaces. A new collaborative solution enables manufacturers to harness the data in their OT and IT networks to gain valuable insights across the enterprise.
New Podcast: Holograms, Beacons, and More: Transformative Retail Tech The pandemic ignited innovation in retail technology, making online shopping king. The online ordering process and the revamped in-store customer experience are critical elements of success for every retailer. In our podcast, Wachter’s VP of Strategic Innovation Matt Tyler talks about the digital transformation happening in retail and QSRs, which includes automation technology for logistics and conveyance, as well as solutions that feel like something out of a Star Wars movie–holograms, video walls, and dynamic digital displays.