Smart IoT Security Network Puts Eyes and Ears on the Street

RADAR, an integrated, collaborative security system with AI at the edge gives first responders the images and audio they need to act fast for public safety. 

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Image credit: Supermicro RADAR App

People feel safer when they are confident that they can get help in an emergency. And law enforcement officers need good information in order to disrupt crime. Intel® IoT Solutions partner Supermicro has developed RADAR App Security, a smart-city solution that addresses both needs, by connecting law enforcement and individuals to each other, as well as to a network of smart cameras.

Security and Connectivity for Communities

RADAR City uses smart video cameras with microphones that incorporate an Intel® Xeon® D processor and Intel® Movidius™ VPU. The cameras are mounted in strategic public locations to capture and process security-related images and audio. 

Intel Smart Edge software provides fast access to critical incident information for first responders, facilitating faster response times. The RADAR Sync software lets law enforcement personnel monitor live cameras. Smart servers can store audio and video for up to 40 days, enabling investigation after a security incident. The WiFi 6 mesh network that underpins this emergency response network can also power municipal Internet access.

RADAR camera view

Image credit: Supermicro RADAR

Security for Individuals

The same RADAR system gives individuals an open line of communication with law enforcement. The mobile RADAR app lets people communicate security concerns to law enforcement as well as other community members. App users can chat or share photos, video, or audio. RADAR can be used for home security as well. 

Consumers can buy a RADAR solution that includes cameras and motion sensors or use their existing Internet Protocol security devices. The RADAR system also offers optional handheld panic buttons. Data from RADAR Home can be stored either locally or in the cloud for up to 30 days. Like RADAR City, RADAR Home performs analytic processing at the edge.

The RADAR solution has been deployed in several municipalities in Mexico, as well as locations in Latin America, Canada, and the United States.

In Benito Juarez, Mexico, RADAR Home is offered to residents as a hardware-and-software package with the app, localized as Blindar BJ (Shield BJ). Since RADAR has been deployed in Benito Juarez, police response time is now 3 minutes, and residents’ perception of their security has increased 27 percent in 18 months.

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