On-Demand Webinar: Driving Edge-to-Cloud Security for IoT

The separation of IT and OT in organizations with increasingly connected IT, OT, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems and devices at the edge can lead to security blind spots. Watch this webinar to learn best practices in eliminating the attack surface area and understand how to choose the right partners and technology to reduce vulnerabilities and increase operational resiliency.


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The daily news is full of malicious hacks, ransomware crimes, and cyberattacks, exposing the constant battle for organizations to secure the growing number of OT systems and IoT devices. The connected landscape is rapidly changing in all industries, with 30 billion OT and IoT devices already in use and predicted to grow exponentially in 2022. According to the Unit 42 IoT threat report, 57 percent of IoT devices are vulnerable to medium- or high-severity attacks, making IoT the low-hanging fruit for attackers.

As this device security challenge escalates, the edge-to-core cybersecurity opportunity for solution integrators becomes massive. IoT and OT devices are too complex and diverse to secure with a traditional IT approach and tools.

Learn how to build zero trust environments and where solution integrators will play a role in redefining cybersecurity beyond the perimeter. Listen in on an interactive panel discussion with four security experts from Intel®, Onclave, Dragos, and Insight.

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Image credit: The Channel Company

Hosted by the editor of The Channel Company’s IoT Solution Integrator, discussion topics in this on-demand webinar include:

  • How to build a defensible architecture
  • What are the most vulnerable attack surfaces?
  • Common mistakes to avoid in IoT and OT security
  • Securing smart edge devices 
  • How to integrate security management platforms

And much more. Watch the webinar now.


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