New Podcast: Tackling the Challenges of IoT Security

As the number of IoT and edge computing devices continues to increase, so does the number–and severity–of attacks on those devices. Solution integrators focused on security management now have to up their game, shifting to a more comprehensive approach that can protect IoT as well as OT devices on the network. In our podcast, security expert Kristy Davis talks about the importance of identifying, and monitoring risks with IoT and OT projects and how to cast a wider security net with a zero-trust model.  

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The connected landscape is rapidly changing in all industries, with 30 billion OT and IoT devices already in use and predicted to grow exponentially in 2022. However, the rapid expansion of IoT and edge computing means solution integrators have to be extra diligent with security management. With a wide range of connected devices sharing information, vulnerabilities can be scattered throughout a network, posing security risks to the organization.  

In fact, according to the Unit 42 IoT threat report, 57 percent of IoT devices are vulnerable to medium- or high-severity attacks, making IoT the low-hanging fruit for attackers. 

Using Zero Trust Principles

To understand how solution integrators are fighting back against threats, the IoT Integrator Wire editors in our latest podcast episode talk with Kristy Davis, who is a cybersecurity expert and a Senior Strategy & Marketing Consultant at Audienz. She focuses on IoT and OT security and emerging markets and develops partner and sales enablement strategies. Davis is also the chair of the IoT Advisory Board at The Channel Company.

She mentions how security managers can no longer just put duct tape or band-aids on vulnerabilities as they arise. Instead, they need to focus on zero trust platforms that can look more holistically at the entire threat landscape, including the OT and IoT space. Davis also talks about how solution integrators can educate their customers on zero trust principles. And she offers advice on how to find the right partners, solutions, and access controls to create a more modern security architecture that can protect edge devices against rapidly evolving malware and threats.  

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