New Podcast: Holograms, Beacons, and More: Transformative Retail Tech

The pandemic ignited innovation in retail technology, making online shopping king. The online ordering process and the revamped in-store customer experience are critical elements of success for every retailer. In our podcast, Wachter’s VP of Strategic Innovation Matt Tyler talks about the digital transformation happening in retail and QSRs, which includes automation technology for logistics and conveyance, as well as solutions that feel like something out of a Star Wars movie–holograms, video walls, and dynamic digital displays.

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Image credit: Matt Tyler, Wachter

The pandemic turned the consumer buying experience upside down. Retailers were forced to transform to accommodate new demands from customers, with a shortlist that includes a seamless shopping experience, ironclad data security, personalized interactions, and smart inventory software that merges physical and digital availability.

To make this intelligent retail functionality come to life, retailers typically can’t go it alone. At the ready is Intel® Gold Partner Wachter, Inc., a technology integration company focused on helping companies stay ahead of the digital disruption curve. With nationwide offices and client relationships with many of the Fortune 500, Wachter is poised and ready to tackle the new frontier of innovation in retail and beyond. 

The Wow Factor: Holograms and VR

To find out what’s really happening in smart retail technology, the IoT Integrator Wire editors in our podcast episode chat with Matt Tyler, Vice President of Strategic Innovation and Business Development at Wachter.

Tyler has more than 20 years of success in IT/OT within retail, healthcare, industrial, and commercial markets. He holds a key leadership position in IoT for Wachter, as he works with customers and manufacturers to architect solutions and drive collaboration. Tyler also serves on The Channel Company’s IoT advisory board, and he is an Advisory Board Member for Intel.

In our podcast, Tyler talks about the innovative automation technology that is critical for success in micro fulfillment centers, logistics, and conveyance. He also addresses how traditional retailers are luring customers back into their stores with flashy, smart technology such as LED lighting and smart energy solutions, touchless environments, connected digital signs, and interactive video walls. 

Tyler also describes the newest retail technology that Wachter is helping retailers roll into their stores, including omnichannel retail solutions and beacons, along with futuristic holograms and VR technology that can bring merchandise to life for in-store customers.

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