Lobby Kiosks Provide Efficient Visitor Registration and Contactless Safety

A virtual visitor and lobby management system can help cut down on the risk of COVID-19 transmission. These multiuse platforms provide organizations with a smart and efficient way to welcome and register visitors, plus easily gather visitor data for reporting.


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With COVID-19 restrictions, many of us continue to shelter in place as much as we can, infrequently leaving our homes, and then only for essentials. We’ve curtailed social visits with family and friends and keep mostly to ourselves. Although we take precautions such as masking up and keeping our distance, going out in public in the midst of a pandemic has become a bit of a nail-biter.

In these cautionary times, it’s sometimes necessary to visit businesses or keep a doctor’s appointment. The first person you typically see in an office setting is the receptionist at the front desk, who is also quite likely focused on minimizing contact with visitors to reduce potential COVID-19 exposure. Any face-to-face human contact presents a risk.

Now, sophisticated and easy-to-use digital kiosks can provide building and office managers with a safe, reliable, and contactless way to welcome, register, and collect information from visitors. And today’s screen-savvy customers are not only comfortable with the technology, they welcome it. The 2020 Kiosk Market Census Report from Kiosk Marketplace reported the kiosk industry saw sales jump nearly 18 percent in 2019, matching the growth of the previous two years and boosted by rising consumer acceptance of self-service technology. And these statistics were pre-COVID.

Value Extends Beyond Safe Registration

Businesses are adopting reception area kiosks not only to minimize human contact, but for real business value. The current paper-based manual reception processes are staff-intensive and time-consuming for visitors. The paperwork is prone to human errors, and there’s no simple way to input the data gathered on paper forms into a system for reporting, which is becoming essential to track visitor patterns to meet requirements from insurance companies. In addition, the paper forms aren’t appropriate for visitors who speak different languages.

A Virtual and Welcoming eReceptionist

The eReceptionist virtual visitor and lobby management solution from Friendlyway Products & Services offers building managers a self-service, multi-lingual, and user-friendly way to welcome and register visitors easily and safely. Friendlyway Products & Services is a partner in the Intel® IoT Solutions Marketplace. 

The friendlyway eReceptionist solution is available in a range of high-quality kiosks, powered by Intel® NUC or Intel®-based business PCs. The solution comes with pre-configured standardized modules for quick and efficient roll-out, and it can be individually branded and customized. The solution features intuitive interfaces for remote content management and monitoring.

Three models are available, including a lightweight interactive kiosk, a representative interactive kiosk with a large display, and a compact self-service kiosk for complex visitor management tasks. They’re built to suit different needs and budgets.

The eReceptionist self-service solution modules can register visitors, deliver a personalized visitor greeting and safety instructions in several different languages, and display building routes for visitor wayfinding. In addition, eReceptionist can enable visitors to check in via smartphone or printed QR code. The device can verify a passport, ID card, or driver’s license number and print visitor badges. It can also provide touch telephony to employees.  

For now, the eReceptionist provides businesses with a great way to ensure a safe, contactless reception experience. When the pandemic is in our rear view mirror, the digital solution can continue to provide significant value to organizations for fast, automated visitor and employee check-in.

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