On-Demand Webinar: How to Deploy IoT Intelligence that Spans Edge to Cloud

Your IoT devices are running and have a lot to tell you. But are you listening? From repeatable factory automation platforms to resilient restaurants and retail stores to intelligence workplaces, see how to generate real value with AI and IoT edge technology. 


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The key to putting IoT data to work is having a flexible, open IoT solution that extends from edge to cloud and incorporates the superpower of the edge: AI. By adding compute power and AI at the edge, businesses can become smarter and more efficient. 

Join an interactive webinar discussion from experts at Intel, Tech Data, and Wachter to learn how to take full advantage of IoT edge technology. The panelists include:

  • Steen Graham, General Manager, Internet of Things Group at Intel 
  • Evan Unrue, EMEA Chief Technologist IoT and Analytics at Tech Data
  • Matt Tyler, Director, Emerging Technology, Internet of Things at Wachter

The speakers discuss their respective portfolios and give details on a variety of working examples and current projects that use IoT and AI at the edge configurations. They describe some of the solutions and how they came about, including Wachter’s smart mop. They discuss how the solutions are allowing customers to gain intelligence and insights from data streams coming from a variety of smart, connected things. 

The discussion topics include:

  • Connecting every device – lessons learned
  • AI simplified — where to apply AI 
  • Grabbing edge insights – using analytic models 
  • Ecosystem support – accelerate your growth in IoT by joining the Intel® Partner Alliance program

The Webinar also has downloadable resources, including how to connect to the industry’s premier IoT ecosystem designed by Intel for solution integrators, distributors, aggregators, ISVs, manufacturers, and OEMs. The resources contain the full list of Wachter’s turnkey design and analysis services, so you can better understand how to collaborate with Wachter for a successful IoT project rollout.


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