Cloud Studio Gears Up Smart Building with IoT Platform

With commercial development on the rise for 2022, developers are looking for smart building options. Integrators can pair up with Cloud Studio to offer no-code device monitoring to better manage heating, cooling, lights, and more.  


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After months of Covid-related challenges, industry watchers are expecting commercial construction to rev up in 2022. Recovery is on its way, according to ITR Economics, and we may see a higher rate of new commercial projects and the resumption of projects put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic. Window and Door Manufacturers also see lots of renovations, historic preservation projects, and more returning to the commercial landscape in 2022. Hotels, education, and hospital sectors appear to be growth areas while office buildings are expected to lag as the workforce continues to work from home.

New tenants will look for the latest in smart facilities to both monitor operational costs and to appeal to a digital, connected clientele. Software company Cloud Studio wants to be part of these new builds and renovations with its Gear Studio, an IoT application platform that monitors, controls, and automates commercial and industrial facilities. Devices can be managed from the IoT platform to reduce power consumption, avoid unplanned downtime, and automate workflows and processes.

Burger King Flips On IoT to Monitor Facility

After installing the Gear IoT platform at a Burger King branch in Buenos Aires, restaurant operator Alsea discovered hidden failures, realized 30 percent cost savings compared to the previous year, improved maintenance oversight, and automated the lighting. Alsea relied on Gear Studio’s real-time interfaces to connect to the different devices responsible for temperature, humidity, motion, and lighting. Gear Studio can also monitor machinery, tracking shock counters, stops, and faults, as well as electrical measurements, including consumption, voltage, power factors, and more.

Energy consumption measurements shown on a dashboard

Image credit: Cloud Studio

When measurements move out of the acceptable range or it’s time for a scheduled maintenance, Gear Studio sends event notifications to alert the team of the potential problem. Dashboards also provide visibility into what is happening onsite.

Device connectivity requires minimal effort and is possible through a local network, servers, or APIs. Other options are LoRa, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, and proprietary technologies through gateways. 

At Las Condes, a private Chilean medical clinic deployed Cloud Studio to reduce energy consumption, raise the comfort level in the maternity area, and address odors coming from building air shafts. Cloud Studio installed power meters and controls for curtains and lights to reduce costs, automate the air shaft openings, and regulate airflow and environmental controls in the maternity area.

Ready for a Demo?

If you want to take Gear Studio out for a test run, Cloud Studio makes it easy. You can open a free account and build your own IoT application with five endpoints using the Gear Studio IoT platform. The company claims no coding is required, and it will provide customizable dashboards and rules for devices, plus alerts and notifications.

Cloud Studio is eager to work with solution integrators, even developing an Integrators’ Guide. Integrators can build applications using existing features or create a custom app for a specific use case. Gear Studio will collect data remotely and manage a variety of devices. Integrators can also white label these services under their own branding.


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