New Podcast: Beyond the Lens: AI-Enabled Vision Systems

From machine malfunctions to parts problems to human error, a lot of seemingly miniscule mistakes can occur in a manufacturing production line that can lead to costly defects. Coming to the rescue are smart industrial computer vision solutions that can see beyond the lens, using computer vision and AI for defect detection. Listen to our podcast with the Eigen Innovations Chief Revenue Officer who describes the value of these systems and answers the question: are we moving closer to zero-defect manufacturing?  


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Image credit: Erin Barrett/Eigen Innovations

In the industrial world, defect detection has always been a top priority. Much of the cost of sales is in material, so the ability for manufacturers to identify defects and to correct them–on the spot if possible–can be the difference between increasing profit margins and maintaining operations or at the other extreme, shutting down. The American Society for Quality (ASQ) estimates that defects cost manufacturers billions of dollars every year, and quality-related costs can consume 15 to 20 percent of sales revenue. 

Fortunately, the rise of Industry 4.0 has ushered in more intelligence and IoT automation in manufacturing. That wave of innovation includes the rollout of smarter computer vision solutions that can help companies investigate, capture, monitor, and analyze industrial processes, resulting in faster defect detection. 

The Marriage of Image and Process Data

One such company moving automated defect detection forward is Eigen Innovations. Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, it specializes in helping manufacturers realize zero defects by giving them real-time information about the quality of their products and their manufacturing process.

Eigen’s industrial software platform is designed to enhance image data by correlating it with machine/process data. By doing this, manufacturers have the ability to detect quality issues in real-time, which leaves them better equipped to prevent manufacturing issues and equipment malfunctions from occurring in the first place.

Industrial Software as a Service

To understand what’s happening today with AI and computer vision in manufacturing, the IoTSI editors in our podcast talked with Erin Barrett, Chief Revenue Officer at Eigen Innovations. Barrett’s focus is on scaling the business through expansion and also accelerating Eigen’s partnership strategy. 

She discusses how Eigen’s Industrial Software as a Service (ISaaS) business model is revolutionizing the machine vision industry and changing the way manufacturers think about inspection solutions, artificial intelligence, and automation.

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