Industry 4.0: Understanding the Next Wave of Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is well underway. The key drivers of this era—IoT, cloud, edge computing, and 5G—are reshaping product development and production. As a solution integrator, you play a vital role in innovation. Attend the Intel Industrial Summit 2020 to hear from experts, meet Intel ecosystem partners, and learn about all the technologies that are building the industry of the future. 


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Today’s factories are smart, with machine-to-machine communication and automation speeding processes and ensuring product quality. Cameras and machine vision with AI can help manufacturers spot defects before products leave the line. Cobots work alongside humans in efficient, automation workstreams. Sensors can collect data that can help predict failures of critical machinery and issue real-time alerts that maintenance needs to happen proactively. Wearable IoT devices serve as proximity monitors to help protect the factory workforce against the spread of COVID-19. Digital twin initiatives help product designers and engineers run simulations before any products are built.

So many critical processes and moving parts make it challenging to know where to optimize efforts and investments in an increasingly industrial world. If you have customers in manufacturing and industrial production, you need to be ready to ride the wave of Industry 4.0 innovation.

To help you do that, you’re invited to attend the Intel Industrial Summit 2020. To be held September 23rd and 24th, the Summit is an immersive digital experience where you will hear from Intel and partnership leadership voices and learn how IIoT and intelligent edge technology is shaping a new era of industry. The event is created for senior business leaders and technical decision makers at industrial-focused solution providers, SIs, ISVs, and end users.  

Driving IoT and Digital Transformation

Join this event and learn not only about new products, but how Intel and its ecosystem partners are bringing digital and physical technologies together to drive more flexible, responsive, and interconnected enterprises that can use data to make informed decisions.

Sessions and panels at the Intel Industrial Summit 2020 include:

  • Unleashing the potential of IoT with the power of our ecosystem;
  • Creating value together: Navigating the evolution of Industry 4.0;
  • Digital transformations can be golden opportunities.

With a convenient two-hour session on two consecutive days, you will hear from Intel and its partners along with manufacturing industrial experts who are all exploring how to shape Industry 4.0. You’ll gain key insights, perspectives and strategies on what matters now, and an idea of what the future will look like with IoT and intelligent edge technology.

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