New Podcast: What’s Ahead for IoT in 2022?

The end of the year signals the time for looking back to better predict what transformational technologies will have the biggest impact in the new year. To learn what’s happening with the big three: IoT, AI, and edge computing, we talked with an expert in IoT solution design and partnerships, Intel’s Mike Trojecki. Find out what he says will be in the IoT hot zone in 2022.

Image credit: LinkedIn/Mike Trojecki

The pandemic had a lasting impact on technology, fueling growth in all types of innovative connected solutions, from contactless payment systems in retail to supply chain management solutions for COVID-19 vaccine deployment to remote collaboration tools for education and healthcare. This shift toward becoming an automation nation also meant that organizations added smart IoT devices, by the billions.

In fact, Statista estimates that there are now more than 10 billion active IoT devices worldwide. IDC predicts this explosive growth will continue, estimating that more than 80 billion IoT devices will be connected to the Internet by 2025. That means that every minute, around 152,000 IoT devices will connect to the Internet.

Four Growth Areas for IoT in 2022

With rapid-fire growth, 2022 is the perfect time for solution integrators to find the right partners to develop and deploy successful IoT and data-driven solutions. But where is the best place to dive in?

In our newest podcast episode, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talk with Mike Trojecki, who is the Director of Edge AI Solutions Architecture at Intel. Trojecki is an IoT solutions expert and has more than 20 years of experience in designing solutions and managing partnerships around emerging digital technologies. He is also the former host of the IoT Trojectory podcast series.

Trojecki talks about the innovative IoT deployments in retail and healthcare that made a real difference in all our lives during the pandemic. He shares his thoughts on the current state–and buzz–around using AI and deploying smart devices at the edge and how this is changing the customer experience. He talks about how the IT and OT worlds are starting to collide and what happens next.

Trojecki also describes what he sees as the four biggest growth areas for IoT in 2022 and how solution integrators will play a vital role in the IoT ecosystem of the future.