New Podcast: Buying and Selling IoT Market-Ready Solutions

For solution integrators to succeed in the wild frontier of the IoT ecosystem, they often need to start with vetted, pre-built solutions. Using repeatable solutions vs. starting from scratch can help data-driven, edge computing projects get off the ground faster–and generate value sooner. To see how that’s done, our editors checked in with an expert in AI and IoT market-ready solutions, Intel’s Rob Risany. Hear Risany’s advice for solution integrators who are grappling with the often-asked question: should we buy or build?   


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Image credit: LinkedIn/Rob Risany

The shift in the last year toward automation and intelligence means that organizations are adding smart IoT devices by the billions and learning how to extract useful decision-making data from these edge devices. Mining the vast volumes of data generated by edge computing devices can deliver greater business insights, efficiency, and productivity. 

But capitalizing on these advantages can be time-consuming, especially if a solution integrator has to build each customer’s solution from scratch. 

One way to get started fast and scale successfully is to pull from the portfolio of pre-built solutions, such as those in the Intel® Solutions Marketplace. Made possible by the Intel IoT partner ecosystem, these solutions are optimized for data-intensive workloads and are adaptable, vetted, and ready for immediate implementation across multiple industries—including industrial, smart cities, retail, education, and healthcare.

Repeatable IoT Solutions

To better understand the Intel IoT marketplace and how a solution integrator can add their solutions to the mix, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talked in our podcast with Rob Risany, Director of Edge AI Solutions Architecture at Intel Corporation.

Risany is a visionary technology evangelist. He has more than 20 years of experience working with companies, partners, and integrators in a variety of industries who are creating smart, connected AI and edge solutions. 

Risany talks about the biggest growth areas for integrators and where we need what he characterizes as “not more technology, but more practical business thinking.” He also discusses the "buy vs. build" question for integrators launching IoT projects and the driving forces in the market that are creating the need for repeatable edge computing solutions. 

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