IoT Integration Made Easy with MindSphere

Intel and Siemens team up to make it easier for businesses to integrate IoT, and right now is an excellent time for companies to consider it. The Intel® IoT Request for Proposal (RFP) Ready Kit helps companies determine how to incorporate new technologies and gives them access to a host of third-party applications to improve operations.


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Companies, understandably wary of ceasing operations to introduce new technology, can use the Covid-19 work slowdown to reevaluate their processes and gain efficiencies through IoT technologies. To make the process easier, companies can turn to the MindSphere Edge to Cloud PaaS Kit, an Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kit from Siemens. The kit combines the capabilities of MindSphere, Siemens’ cloud-based, open IoT operating system, with Intel’s technology integration, development tools, and network of partners.

The kit bridges the operational side of the business with the development team and provides a pathway to integrate new technology with legacy equipment. The goal is to remove the barrier of entry for companies to adopt or further the use of IoT in their businesses. 

IoT at the Ready

Using the MindSphere Edge to Cloud PaaS Kit, companies can develop and test new applications on preconfigured solutions and make adjustments without broad disruption to business operations. Businesses know their unique challenges and needs, and this kit gives them the tools to address those issues.  Companies can try new service models or test ways to boost the bottom line by optimizing their assets and production procedures with hard data.

The MindSphere development platform connects devices and enterprise systems with industry applications and advanced data analytics to reveal how new technologies can impact the business. It’s an open, scalable environment that integrates hardware and software across multiple platforms.

At the edge, it integrates with the Siemens MindConnect Nano and MindConnect IoT 2040, which collect data from customer devices and feed it through a secure connection to MindSphere. In conjunction with MindConnect Elements, companies can manage customers and users, bring assets on board, collect and view data points from those assets, manage assets, and automate rules.

MindSphere is not limited to Siemens’ equipment; the open connectivity platform integrates with new and legacy hardware, software, and cloud services from multiple vendors. It supports Siemens’ Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and provides access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure and Alibaba public cloud services. All Intel IoT RFP Ready Kits bundle software, hardware, and support and have been field tested to ensure easy development and deployment. They also have to be scalable and repeatable to support customer growth.

Enter the Ecosystem

Developers can use their preferred programming language or coding tool to build an application in a local environment, then upload it to the cloud using the MindAccess DevOps Plan. MindSphere works with multiple protocols and data systems, including ERP, MES, and SCADA. Development is supported through the open-source Cloud Foundry application platform. MindSphere includes APIs for customizable programming and connectivity.

Once complete, developers can publish the app and sell it to other users through the MindSphere and Intel partner programs. Developers can use MindSphere to create subscription-based applications or sell apps directly to customers; they determine their own pricing and billing models and receive incentives for being part of the partner programs. Companies can also tap the MindSphere PaaS network and Intel Partner programs to find proven third-party applications that can be integrated into their solutions.

A Health Monitor for Industrial Robotics

Predictronics, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based systems integrator that specializes in predictive analytics and industrial AI, uses MindSphere to build customized apps for its clients. The SI created the Factory Sentinel for Industrial Robots, a data visualization and analysis tool that monitors the “health” of industrial robots and uses data and predictive algorithms to ensure the robot is working efficiently.

The app establishes baseline information on a robot’s motor current, position, and speed. Data collected thereafter is compared to the baseline information to assess any behavior discrepancies. Maintenance personnel can view the information on a web interface and receive notifications about faulty robots. Armed with up-to-date information, plant managers can determine robot degradation, predict potential failures, and schedule preventative maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime.

With the MindSphere Edge to Cloud PaaS Kit, businesses have access to integrated solutions that lessen the risks associated with deploying new technologies, reduce time to market, and improve operational efficiencies. Being more profitable—especially after the COVID-19 lockdown—will be critical to recovery. 

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