IoT in the New Not-so-normal Workplace

For CTO and rancher Rob Rastovich, technology and the great outdoors are a perfect match. The ThingLogix CTO works with companies to build connected products and AI-driven IoT applications, and he merges his IoT know-how with cattle and irrigation management on his ranch. Is his no-code IoT platform the starting point integrators need?    


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Image credit: ThingLogix

While no-code AI-driven IoT applications seem far-fetched, Rob Rastovich, CTO at ThingLogix has helped develop a set of building blocks that he says will support every IoT implementation. He and his team have included asset management, workflow, AI rules, predictive capabilities and more into the AIoT platform to give developers a jumpstart on their IoT deployments. With the AIoT platform, Rastovich says ThingLogix provides 80 percent of what every project needs, and lets you customize the last 20 percent for a business’ specific needs.   

During the pandemic, ThingLogix’s WorkWatch health and safety product line caught the attention of workplaces that needed to create smarter, safer environments. Typically, developing a workplace monitoring tool like WorkWatch could take 6 to 8 weeks with a full staff of engineers and developers. Rastovich says ThingLogix was able to spin the application up in a couple of weeks because it was a typical event-driven application. 

Rastovich has lots of insights on how to define use cases for IoT, shortcuts for developing and implementing IoT projects, and plans for adding automation through AI without writing code. Listen to his podcast and find out how he’s using IoT to help him be a smarter rancher and his thoughts on which industries are most open to working with IoT and why.  

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