What’s Brewing at the Tech Data IoT Solutions Factory

Tech Data recently launched its Analytics and IoT Solutions Factory, which contains 50+ market-ready solutions that partners can use to speed up emerging technology deployments. In our podcast, IoT Solution Integrator editors sat down with Drew Mongoven from Tech Data to talk about IoT solutions and find out what technologies are in demand right now as companies move into post-pandemic recovery mode.   


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Every solution integrator knows that almost every project can have its pain points. And often, IoT offers solutions. But how do integrators use those solutions more than once, and can they span multiple industries? Tech Data is aiming to make IoT solution repeatability easier with its Analytics and IoT Solution Catalog. It aggregates what the company defines as repeatable, multi-vendor solutions, drawing on its end-to-end technology portfolio to address specific customer-centric use cases. 

The offerings in the Tech Data IoT Solutions Catalog are developed using its Solution Factory methodology, which incorporates a rigorous vetting process in which solutions are cross-checked with a reference architecture. To make the cut, those solutions have to undergo testing at Tech Data, along with customer-centric use case repeatability identification. 

Growing Your IoT Practice

To learn more about the vetting process and to see what types of solutions are now trending post-pandemic, the IoT Integrator Wire editors talked in our podcast with Drew Mongoven, Solution Development Consultant, Internet of Things and Data Solutions at Tech Data. He shares insights on how solution integrators can grow IoT revenues using his company’s IoT Practice Builder.

He talks about how the pandemic has changed how businesses use technology and opened the door for automation with IoT solutions. Mongoven also shares details of the momentum that Tech Data is seeing with IoT in multiple markets, including education, industrial, healthcare, smart cities, and retail. 

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