Using AI to Automate and Improve Job Hunting

As the job recruiting and application processes become more automated, AI-powered online resume builders can help candidates create targeted, professional resumes quickly and at low costs. Rezi and Wonsulting use machine learning to create detailed bullet points for users’ resumes. 

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Solution integration firms, like almost every company right now, are facing hiring challenges since the pandemic. Coined “the great resignation,” nearly 57 million American workers left their jobs between January 2021 and February 2022. According to a PwC report, one in five workers globally plan to quit in 2022.

The mass exodus means recruiters and job hunters alike are extremely busy–and have to be very efficient. Recruiters screen resumes, on average, in less than eight seconds, according to the career advising firm Ladders. With little time to persuade recruiters, candidates must highlight their experience using strategically placed keywords. In those eight seconds, recruiters scan for position titles, accomplishments, and keywords, so those need to be easy to read and impactful.

Powered by artificial intelligence, automated resume writing and editing solutions are helping candidates do this, making them more competitive and increasing their chances of receiving an offer.

Writing Machine

South Korea-based Rezi uses AI to write and edit resumes, cover letters, and more. Rezi partnered with OpenAI to use its GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) neural network for Rezi’s AI Writer. OpenAI’s GPT-3 neural network is a machine learning model that uses 570 GB of Internet data to generate natural language text.

GPT-3 technology only requires a small amount of text to create a larger product. With Rezi’s Resume Builder, users input their company role and brief bullet points, and Rezi will complete the bullets with relevant information. Users can edit the newly created bullet points or generate new ones to best fit their needs. Rezi also allows users to authenticate their resume, digitally fingerprinting with blockchain technology. 

Rezi’s AI Writer also powers the company’s AI Cover Letter Builder. Using information from the user’s resume and the company and position the user is applying for, Rezi’s AI Cover Letter Builder creates an introductory letter highlighting the user’s experience and skills that best match the position they are applying for.  


Rezi's AI-powered bullet point writer

Image credit: Rezi

AI from Start to Finish

When a user is ready to stop working at a job, they can again tap Rezi technology. The AI Writer also powers Rezi’s AI Resignation Letter Builder. Users input contact information, add the company and position in which they are leaving, and their last day of employment, and Rezi will create a professional resignation letter. Similar to the AI Resume Builder, users can save, edit, and generate new cover or resignation letters as needed. 

Ladders, using eye-tracking technology, also found that poorer-performing resumes were cluttered and had keywords without context or relevancy. On the other hand, the best-performing resumes had simple layouts and sentences.

Rezi’s AI Bullet Point Editor allows users to generate new bullet points based on their existing resumes to better target recruiters. Rezi users can also take advantage of the AI Resume Summary Writer, a feature that creates short summaries of users’ resumes that can be included on professional networking or application websites. The University of Wisconsin-Madison purchased Rezi subscriptions for its students to help them polish their resumes for their post-graduate job applications. 

AI-derived Bullet Points

California-based Wonsulting is designing a similar AI-powered resume builder, called ResumAI, that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create resume bullet points that catch recruiters’ attention. Users input data about their current position, job description, skills, and accomplishments to generate targeted, buzz-word-filled bullets. Wonsulting says that the more detailed the data, the better the results. ResumAI is approaching beta testing, but the platform has proven helpful to users thus far.

Both Rezi and Wonsulting follow the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) resume format. ATS software uses vary, but recently, recruiters use ATS to narrow down the applicant pool. ATS software, powered by AI and machine learning, can scan candidates’ resumes for skill sets and keywords that match an ideal candidate profile uploaded by recruiters. Rezi and Wonsulting create bullets that are easily read by ATS to boost users’ chances of success. 

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