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The path to building a successful IoT solution is often more of a bumpy road than a smooth highway. Bringing partners, distributors, technology manufacturers, solution integrators, and customers together on a project requires a unique facilitator, sometimes known as a “digital orchestrator.” In our podcast, Andy Timm, ecosystem architect and advisor for New Vision Solutions, talks about how he operates as a digital orchestrator and shares insights on matchmaking and partnerships. 

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For an IoT project to be successful, many different elements have to fall into place. Launching, testing, connecting, and managing tons of connected smart devices requires teamwork from multiple players. For the customer, finding the right partners–who can collaborate effectively and efficiently without stepping on each other–is often one of the biggest hurdles. 

At The Channel Company’s recent IoT Advisory Board gathering in Atlanta, solution integrators and other tech experts on the board discussed how every IoT project collaboration journey has to begin with everyone at the table addressing these questions: 

  • What problem are we trying to solve for the customer?
  • What are the partnership roles, and who is defining them? 
  • Who manages the tenets of the partnering agreement?  

One solution is to have a digital orchestrator, or someone who has the knowledge and skills to bring all parties together to build an achievable IoT solution path. To learn how this process works, the IoT Integrator Wire editors sat down for a podcast with one of the members of The Channel Company’s IoT Advisory Board, Andy Timm

Timm is a digital orchestrator, ecosystem architect, and advisor for New Vision Solutions. Based in Round Rock, TX, Timm is an expert in assembling an ecosystem of partners to identify business solutions, develop them, and leverage multiple channels to bring them to market. 

External Innovation Lab

In our podcast, Timm talks about how to tap into the real business value of IoT technology and how he organizes development using an "external innovation lab" process. He also describes how IoT projects have hundreds of moving parts—hardware, software, sensors, and services—and because of that, success in the IoT ecosystem often requires competitive partners to work collaboratively. 

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