New Podcast: Lights, Camera, Action: The Intelligent Video Boom

As crowds return to public events and spaces, venue managers are challenged to find innovative ways to provide fast, intelligent security. They are moving to tools that use computer vision and AI and can keep a watchful eye on crowds flowing in, out, and around public spaces and events. To see what’s happening in the world of vision-based security tech, the IoT Integrator editors checked in with expert Kasia Hanson, Global IoT Video Sales Director at Intel®.

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Computer vision is a rapidly emerging field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to see and interpret digital images and video the way humans would. Using computer vision, applications can trigger automated actions based on their interpretation of visual information and generate insights that people can use to improve decisions and actions.

Sometimes referred to as vision/security/safety (VSS), the technology has enormous potential for improving physical security and safety in horizontal and specialized applications. Valuable in a range of environments, VSS systems can recognize objects and people quickly, analyze audience demographics, inspect manufactured products, help improve workflows, and more.

For solution integrators looking for new areas of growth, now is the time to get into the VSS game. Research firm OMDIA expects nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of all network cameras shipped by 2025 to be AI-enabled. Gartner estimates that by 2023, 65 percent of enterprise-captured images and videos will be analyzed by machines rather than humans. 

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Computer Vision: Playing Defense

To see where computer vision is being put to work today, IoT Integrator editors chatted in our podcast with Kasia Hanson, Global IoT Video Sales Director at Intel®, focusing on Safety and Security, Safe Cities, and Venues. She is tasked with developing a global ecosystem to accelerate adoption of AI, computer vision, and deep learning technologies in physical security and public safety with Intel’s edge AI, software tools, and security features. 

Hear Hanson’s insights on how industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare to hospitality are using computer vision technology. She describes how smart cities, large-scale venue managers, enterprises, and organizations such as the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors are relying on Intel-powered vision technology to provide safe, secure public gatherings.  

As a board member on Women of the Channel and Chair of the Women in Security Forum, Hanson is also leading the way in helping women succeed in cybersecurity. She shares how she originally got excited about pursuing a career in vision technology and offers valuable advice on how women and other typically underrepresented groups can forge a successful career path in cybersecurity and in the channel. 

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