IEI Brings IoT Value to Smart Manufacturers

IEI offers an Intel® IOT Market Ready Solution that collects manufacturing and equipment data for analysis. Based on analyst projections, digitizing on-floor data for predictive maintenance and factory automation is primed for growth and IEI has proven solutions to support integrators.


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Image credit: IEI Integration Corp.

IoT solutions are putting the smart in factories with predictive maintenance applications and factory automation. As more factories go digital on the factory floor, they are upending current workstations and legacy solutions.

The transition is expected to be huge. Looking only at the global predictive maintenance market, analysts forecast market growth reaching $12.7 billion by 2025. Factory automation expects similar growth, reaching a market valuation of $240 billion by 2022.

Proven use cases that cut costs while increasing efficiencies support the positive market growth and growing interest among manufacturers. For example, using Cisco Connected Factory, luxury appliances manufacturer Sub-Zero connected engineering teams through live video sessions to rapidly resolve design and production issues. With rugged mobile cameras on the production floor, Sub-Zero gained $2,500 per production line per hour and saved $140,000-plus in travel and field-testing costs.

Mixing CNC and IoT on the Shop Floor

IEI, an Intel ® IoT Solutions Alliance member and IoT partner, is in prime position to ride the smart factory wave. As an industrial computer provider, it offers products that support smart manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, and homes. With more than 20 years of business experience, the company has realized steady growth. It offers global services from its headquarters in Taipei City, Japan, and from locations in the Netherlands, Japan, United States and China.

IEI works closely with Intel, Microsoft and Amazon to offer comprehensive intelligent systems for manufacturers. The solutions include hardware, different operating systems, multiple applications, cloud computing, and data storage and security.

Within the Intel® Solutions Marketplace, IEI offers an Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution that collects manufacturing and equipment data for analysis. With the IEI CNC Machine Data Collection and Analysis Automation System, manufacturers using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to automate machine tools and 3D printers can predict equipment maintenance and facilitate machine collaboration at facilities to improve manufacturing operations.

IEI recognized that CNC machining is a transformative technology in manufacturing. This pre-programmed manufacturing process forms objects by cutting material and developing a precise shape. It is often used in prototyping and production of custom-machined parts. What makes CNC IoT ready, is that the technology is digitized. IEI’s solution fits within manufacturers using CNC and helps them improve operations by collecting and analyzing data from the CNC machines. Manufacturers can better manage the maintenance of machines and gain real-time factory floor production data.

IEI has defined these benchmarks in comparison to competing solutions:

Improves product quality 15%

• Improved rate of equipment utilization 15%

• Reduces manufacturing cycle almost 28%

• Decrease inactive stock almost 24%

Beyond the IoT Market Ready solution, IEI has developed intelligent energy management, warehouse management system, automatic manufacturing, and machine vision solutions. Its factory automation solution includes fanless embedded systems, panel PCs and industrial motherboards that allow users to connect devices and begin digitizing data for smart manufacturing

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