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Businesses can learn a lot from watching their business. For example, a retailer can see how customers move through the store and what they look at. A warehouse operator can see what inventory needs to be restocked, and a manufacturer can see when a production line slows down. But it’s not possible to keep an eye on business all the time. That’s where computer vision can step in.

Computer vision (CV) works with artificial intelligence to train computers to see and interpret images the way humans would. Computer vision applications can trigger automated action based on their interpretation of visual information and generate insights that people can use to improve decisions and actions.

Valuable in multiple environments, computer vision systems can recognize objects and people quickly, analyze audience demographics, inspect manufactured products, help improve workflows, increase security, and more.

A Bright Future for Video Analytics

Solution integrators need to be ready for what’s ahead in computer vision. Demand for CV is heating up: research firm OMDIA expects nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of all network cameras shipped by 2025 to be AI-enabled. By then, the company predicts that the total worldwide market for video analytics will reach $32 billion. In addition, Gartner estimates that by 2023, 65 percent of enterprise-captured images and videos will be analyzed by machines rather than humans.

Innovative applications for vision technology are emerging in all industries. The new eBook from IoT Solution Integrator examines the growth opportunities in four industries that are already relying on intelligent computer vision technology: smart cities/government, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.

Using Vision Solutions at the Edge

The eBook also discusses the basics of how the technology works, starting with the role edge computing plays in visual analytics applications. It describes basic computer vision deployment considerations for solution integrators and includes a summary of the latest Intel® CV solutions.