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The Internet of Things, edge computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) are on a collision course to transform how much of the world operates. Greater volumes of data are generated every day by IoT devices in edge locations: IoT data is on track to multiply to about 79 zettabytes worldwide by 2026, up nearly six-fold from 14 zettabytes in 2019. In addition, the world’s IoT connections are likely to reach 24 billion in the same year— a near-tripling of IoT connectivity since 2021.

IoT, edge, and AI technologies are intertwined and highly complementary. Edge computing occurs in distributed locations, allowing processing to occur very near to where it’s generated for fast computations and insights. The IoT pushes edge computing out still further into things that, using embedded sensors, collect data themselves, often continuously, and process it locally. IoT devices range from the tiny to the enormous, including vehicles (autonomous or not), smart cameras, factory floor machines, thermostats, utility readers, drones, appliances, and an unlimited number of other devices.

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