Edge Analytics for the Autonomous Enterprise

Distributed manufacturing operations present unique challenges when deploying automation technologies. Combining edge computing with distributed data analysis allows the enterprise to realize operational gains, while benefiting from intelligent data management from the edge through the cloud.

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In the continued quest for increased efficiency, companies are investing in automation. Automated processes are fast, accurate, and reliable. In mission-critical environments, automated systems can collect and analyze data at the edge, preventing equipment malfunctions and saving valuable time.

One catch is that manufacturing equipment often uses legacy systems. Operators have to gather and manage data from multiple, often siloed, sources. That can hinder the shift to automated, predictive solutions, particularly in distributed, time-sensitive manufacturing applications.

Intel® partner Adapdix, a California-based company, has developed EdgeOps, an edge software platform integrated with Adapdix’s distributed DataMesh technology. EdgeOps combines artificial intelligence and machine learning at the edge with a distributed data management system to bring automation to precision manufacturing systems. The EdgeOps solution runs on an Intel® NUC.

EdgeOps uses edge computing to determine usage patterns and predict problems. It can direct the equipment to self-correct without human intervention, and alert operators to potential failures. It also can optimize processes in real time. Dashboards provide operators with a real-time view of system processes and critical operational data, key performance indicators, anomalies, and alerts.

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Image credit: Adapdix

Three Levels of Scale

The Adapdix EdgeOps platform consists of three components, all of which are integrated with the Adapdix DataMesh technology. The EdgeOps Core sits on the production line; EdgeOps Site manages the factory or plant, and EdgeOps Sphere oversees the entire enterprise. Together they allow enterprises to scale from a single machine to thousands of devices and processes across multiple distributed locations.

Using a containerized architecture, EdgeOps collects, stores, analyzes, and synchronizes data. DataMesh enables EdgeOps to bridge data silos, merge all types of data, and link events across multiple devices. The software also provides edge data management to overlapping IT and OT environments.

Designed for industrial and precision manufacturing environments, EdgeOps provides a hybrid cloud solution that allows companies to glean more value from the data they already extract without weighing down the network.

Fewer equipment failures translate to greater productivity, longer equipment life cycles, and less waste, resulting in better sustainability and higher profits. According to Adapdix, customers have reduced equipment maintenance costs by 45 percent, cut downtime by 50 percent, and increased throughput by 20 percent.

Better Manufacturing Through Partnerships

Adapdix is an Intel® Partner and EdgeOps is offered as an Intel® Market Ready Solution. The company recently partnered with Korean-based BISTelligence, which provides AI-based manufacturing solutions and services to industrial manufacturers. BISTelligence will sell and support Adapdix EdgeOps solutions to customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

EdgeOps has been integrated into the GrandView asset performance software from Aidentyx, the US spinoff of BISTelligence. Aidentyx focuses on manufacturing AI analytics for the industrial manufacturing sector.

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