AI Brings Visibility to Supply Chain Partnerships

Even with the rise of Industry 4.0, much of today’s supply chain reporting is handled with pen and paper. It is slow, often inaccurate, and provides no transparency along the way. A platform that digitizes the supply chain network enables retailers and suppliers to gain visibility and be accountable, from sourcing to delivery.

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The supply chain disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic crippled the economy and brought manufacturing to its knees. Despite some improvements, retailers and factories still experience product and parts delays, and many companies are looking to strengthen their supply chains.

According to Gartner research, half of the supply chain leaders will have invested in artificial intelligence and advanced analytics by 2024, but right now, fewer than half of them have developed a plan for supply chain digitization. The global supply chain management market is projected to climb to $62.6 billion by 2031.

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Digitalization has entered most record-heavy industries including healthcare, perhaps the ultimate paper-generating industry. Now technology companies like Minneapolis-based Inspectorio are digitizing the supply chain, enabling companies to pinpoint, predict, and remedy inefficiencies to boost productivity. 

Using proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, Inspectorio’s digital platform focuses on quality management, production management, and compliance management. With the corporate push for better sustainability practices, Inspectorio plans to add traceability and carbon monitoring tracking as well.

Built as a network platform, the software allows brands, retailers, factories, and suppliers to collaborate across quality, production, and compliance management. Inspectorio digitizes each aspect of the supply chain to provide visibility, accountability, and automation for all parties involved. It also applies proprietary AI algorithms to collect data for reporting and to identify corrective actions across the supply chain.

The added automation and reporting enable companies to focus on higher value services, such as understanding trends and benchmarks, identifying the source of quality issues, or predicting production delays. 

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Predicting the Chain Reaction

The Inspectorio solution includes Inspectorio Sight, Inspectorio Rise, and Inspectorio Tracking. Inspectorio Sight focuses on quality management. It provides visibility into the supply chain and enables partners to automate booking, data processing, and corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) reports. The Sight Automation Center allows clients to assign oversight levels and workflow protocols to inspections. Clients and factories can schedule self-inspections based on customizable parameters to keep production moving, even when inspectors are unable to visit factories, as with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inspectorio Rise addresses compliance issues. From a central command center, supply chain partners can work together to manage audits and ensure compliance. A mobile app allows partners to conduct audits digitally. 

The software can be customized to check against government regulations as well as guidelines or rules specific to the brand, factory, or other party. All parties have real-time access to the same data. Inspections reports and action items can be viewed upon completion via a cloud-based portal.

Inspectorio Tracking helps partners schedule and manage production workflows to ensure orders are delivered when expected. Partners can get alerts when problems arise in the supply chain, which can minimize uncertainty and prevent delays.

Production tracking forms can be customized to a company’s specifications, and vendors can provide project status updates. Operators can view production logs for workflow slowdowns, and support for Excel allows data to be exported into company-specific spreadsheet formats. In-platform communication makes it easy to learn the system and keep up with partners.

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