ADLINK Enables Automated Arc-Welding Defect Detection with Industrial Machine Vision Edge Solution

Scalable solution built with the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit helps detect porosity defects in real time. 


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Image credit: ADLINK

Robotic arc welding, a critical component of modern heavy machinery manufacturing, is prone to defects involving welding porosity. Traditional manual detection requires highly skilled weld engineers and technicians using visual and auditory indicators. These inspectors are expensive, difficult to find, and face challenges when detecting defects in expansive factory settings. 

ADLINK and Intel have created an automated weld-defect detection solution based on ADLINK’s EOD vision system with ADLINK Edge IoT software and the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit action recognition model, capable of automatically detecting porosity defects from video frames in a way not possible with the human eye. 

Using a neural network-based inference engine, the solution can not only detect defects in real time but also automatically stop the welding process via robot actuation before the defect is prolonged and the part is damaged beyond repair. The model can also be retrained to detect additional types of defects in the welding process. This innovation solution supports a smarter factory, helping to create production lines that are built for industry 4.0. 

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