Connected Smart Infrared Devices Allow Venues to Light Up the Night

Montreal-based PixMob created wireless LED lighting technology for a connected crowd experience. The devices connect all audience members and encourage participation, regardless of where they are seated, turning the crowd into a show as well. 


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Image credit: PixMob

Although everyone has fond memories of waving a lighter or smartphone flashlight during a concert, LED wristbands offer a more colorful and connected audience experience. PixMob offers three wireless wristbands, each with varying levels of full-color LED light. PixMob also offers LED balls that can be tossed around by audience members for a fun audience experience. PixMob’s technology has been used at various Super Bowls, the University of Michigan Marching Band halftime shows, and Taylor Swift’s tours. 

PixMob’s NOVA is the company’s bigger and brighter LED device. NOVA is 10 times as bright as PixMob’s wristbands and does not need to be worn by anyone. The devices can be placed around a venue, and are synched to existing light transmitters for additional illumination and to pump up the crowd. PixMob’s devices connect crowds, creating a fun and memorable experience that audience members will want to have again. 

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Image credit: PixMob

In Sync with Embedded Receivers

During the 2021 Stanley Cup finals, pandemic restrictions allowed only 3,500 fans to attend the games in person, far less than the 21,000 person capacity normally allowed. To mimic the energy of a full house, the National Hockey League placed 5,000 NOVA devices throughout the stands. The in-person fans were given PixMob wristbands that synced with the NOVA devices. 

The PixMob NOVA devices and wristbands have embedded infrared receivers that receive signals from a DMX controller. The DMX controller sends pre-programmed or real-time commands to the transmitters, placed around the venue, that then convert the DMX commands into infrared signals. Infrared transmitters are fast, sending signals to PixMob’s devices at 20 FPS, and they avoid interference from other devices. 

The transmitters can send signals to create letters, numbers, color patterns, strobing effects, and more. The DMX controller allows PixMob’s devices to sync with music and other effects. Imagine thousands of LED wristbands illuminating to the beat of a song or reflecting the color of the winning team at the end of a game. The transmitters can send signals in sync, via the DMX, but they do not all have to send the same signal. 

Signal and Shine 

PixMob’s newest portable transmitter is a wireless light paint brush or wand that allows performers to “paint” their audience. The transceiver, the counterpart to the portable transmitter, connects to the lighting control panel via DMX. The wireless transmitter can then send infrared signals to PixMob’s LED wristbands worn by audience members, activating them to illuminate in real time. Performers can move the portable transmitter across the crowd to create designs and effects, including illuminating specific sections or changing the color of the wristbands. 

PixMob also offers the PixMob moving head, a transmitter that displays infrared signals across a geographic location to command certain devices. Rather than pre-programming devices ahead of time, the moving ahead allows performers to make creative decisions and designs on the fly. Like PixMob’s other transmitters, the moving head can sync with music and other DMX-controlled devices for an immersive and illuminating experience. 

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