Cloudpick Autonomous Store
Open for Business: The AI-powered Autonomous Store

Retail store technology continues to move forward at a fast pace. Cloudpick has rolled out a digital solution for brick and mortar stores that includes computer vision, AI, deep learning, and edge computing technology. Using the solution, the Singapore retail chain Cheers has opened an advanced, unmanned AI-powered autonomous store. 

Heuritech's AI-powered trend analysis platform
AI Reshapes Fashion Design and Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence technologies and robotics are driving changes in the world of fashion. From market analysis to custom designs to waste reduction, AI opens the door for designers to be on trend, responsive, and conscientious global citizens.'s weather API system
Utility Companies Use AI to Gather Weather Intelligence

Climate scientists are developing AI models to predict weather events several days or even weeks before they occur to give cities, citizens, and power companies time to prepare—and hopefully avoid—large-scale disasters. In the near future, smart weather platforms will help cities weather the storm and keep the power on.

The Sugar Lab's 3D-printed chocolate truffles
New Podcast: Inside the Digital Bakery, Crafting 3D Printed Foods

To see what’s cooking in the world of 3D food printing, the IoT Integrator Wire editors checked in with an expert in the technology and design of 3D printed food, Kyle von Hasseln, CEO and founder of CURRANT™ 3D. Hear Hasseln’s insights on how he creates intricate food designs and how 3D food printing might be a more sustainable way to design and create edibles than traditional food manufacturing.

Inpixon's real-time location system (RTLS) used on a mobile phone.
Convention Venues Welcome Guests Through IoT

Mobile check-in is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what IoT technology can offer hotel guests. Through the use of beacons, hotels and convention centers can notify visitors of convention updates, provide tourist information, and offer promotions as they walk on site.  

imedtac's automated dispensing cabinet
Connected Technologies Improve Healthcare Delivery, Safety, and Efficiency

Smart technologies are transforming healthcare delivery to elevate patient care, improve patient outcomes, increase diagnosis accuracy, and more.

Netown's Babybot evaluates users' health analytics
Smart Health Kiosk Provides Cloud-Based Wellness, Strength Evaluation

The lingering pandemic has paved the way for new disruptive health and wellness technology. Equipped with movement sensors, cloud connectivity, and AI, Netown’s kiosk solution can facilitate remote health evaluations and generate personalized training routines for users on its smart fitness training equipment.

X-ray image with green lines showing cancerous tissue
Dr. AI: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Cancer Detection

Deep learning algorithms are analyzing medical images to determine whether or not patients have cancer or are at risk of developing it. In some cases, AI can even identify the traits of a tumor, enabling oncologists to initiate treatment quickly and customize therapeutic plans to better results.  

Young woman looking at screen
Decentralized Edge Devices Train AI Models Quickly and Ethically

Machine learning drives artificial intelligence, but cloud-based training models can compromise sensitive user data. AI developers are using federated learning and edge computing to protect user privacy and to train models from multiple sources.  

Diagram of a robot arm and screenshot of commands for the arm
Industrial Voice-Controlled Robots Use AI to Facilitate Programming

Voice-controlled industrial robots incorporate AI and speech recognition to instruct robots and cut programming time by as much as 90 percent.    

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