Hands holding mobile phone with image of clothing in retail store
RFID and IoT Are on the Same Wavelength: Creating Retail Efficiencies

Artificial intelligence and computer vision are changing how retail stores use RFID. Brick-and-mortar stores are using the technology to create touchpoints with customers, increasing sales while decreasing interaction with employees.  

Multiple people walking through mall with white boxes outlining each one
Vision Solutions with AI Help Retailers Monitor Customer Dwell Time, Buying Trends

Retailers benefit from learning how shoppers navigate their stores. An uptick in e-commerce has provided online stores with a plethora of easily captured data analytics, but brick-and-mortar stores can turn to these solutions to gain competitive insights about their customers and their business operations.    

Droid shaped like a Manta swimming in blue pool
Autonomous Robotic Sea Creatures Map, Monitor the Waters

Aquatic robots equipped with computer vision allow researchers to monitor marine biodiversity and habitats without disturbing the creatures they are observing. Eventually these devices can be used to map ocean floors and detect ships.  

Diagram of school building with different areas monitored by IoT sensors
Smart Sensors Detect Vaping, Threats in School Settings

Teen e-cigarette use is on the rise across the US, and many students report vaping on school premises. At the same time, students, teachers, and staff face myriad threats in school settings ranging from chemical exposure to active shooter situations. Smart IoT sensors that can detect substances and sounds can help minimize dangerous situations in educational environments.  

Fans with yellow shirts and large hands with IOT sensors cheer for team
ASU Brings IoT to Sun Devil Stadium FTW

Innovative uses of IoT make life on campus easier for Arizona State University students. The real fun happens at the stadium, where technology tackles entertainment and efficiency. Here’s a look at some of ASU’s IoT-powered projects.

person's hand writing with orange digital pen
The Future of Education is Bright with Smart Digital Highlighters

Digital highlighters offer new ways for students to read. After scanning text, students can transfer, edit, and listen to the text via connected computer applications. The tools also offer text translations in multiple languages and provide assistive technology for those with learning difficulties by enhancing comprehension and reading ability.  

Robot arm examines material on table and screens show what it is seeing
Smart Robots use RF to Find and Grasp Hidden Objects

X-ray vision may be out of reach for humans, but artificial intelligence is gifting robots with superpower senses that could prove to be vital on the warehouse and manufacturing floors.  

Two sensors outfitted on poles on empty brown landscape
IoT and Mesh Networking Promise Faster Wildfire Detection

The Department of Homeland Security and SCITI Labs continue their multiphase plan to test sensors for detecting wildfires in the western United States. Meanwhile in Germany, startup Dryad is developing a wireless environmental sensor network based on LoRaWAN. All groups expect IoT technologies to identify fires and provide alerts more quickly than satellites and cameras.    

Green pallet robot in warehouse
Walmart Embraces Store Automation Technology

Online grocery sales are driving traffic to brick-and-mortar stores, which are becoming inundated with shoppers. To combat congestion in the aisles, retailers are turning to automated micro-fulfillment centers, which use artificial intelligence and robots to fulfill orders in record time.  

Packs of green seedlings pass under scanner gathering data
Smart Grow-Bots Put to Work on the Farm, Increasing Yield

Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable autonomous robots to grow, analyze, and harvest produce in greenhouse environments. Robots reduce labor costs, increase crop yield, and improve sustainability.  

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