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Reimaging Security: Protecting IoT Devices at The Edge

Increasing numbers of mobile users, remote nodes, and IoT devices are located outside the protection of traditional network security. As attackers frequently target IoT and OT devices, organizations are turning to solution integrators and aggregators to integrate edge-to-cloud security solutions that can protect the network infrastructure. View our on-demand webinar and learn how to reduce vulnerabilities.   

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Zero-Defect Manufacturing: Are We There Yet?

From cosmetic flaws to machine malfunctions to production line errors, defects that occur on the factory floor are an ongoing and costly challenge for manufacturers. Smart industrial computer vision solutions are now coming to the rescue, as manufacturers tap AI-enabled machine vision that can help them move closer to zero-defect manufacturing.    

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Machine Vision Brings a Second Set of Eyes to Manufacturing

Machine vision is fast becoming the go-to technology for the manufacturing industry because it enables the visual inspection of thousands of items more accurately and quickly than the human eye. Here’s a look at two solutions that system integrators can deploy to enhance their customers’ QA.  

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IoT Paves the Way for Smart, Automated Traffic Management

An intelligent traffic management solution uses 3D LiDAR technology to crack down on speeding, monitor traffic, and detect infractions, helping to keep city streets safer and less congested.  

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Climate Researchers Use AI to Improve Climate Models

Researchers train artificial intelligence algorithms to learn cloud patterns and ocean eddies to improve climate models of the Earth. The increased granularity will enable more accurate predictions of weather events and the impact of climate change.  

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On-Street Engagement Platform Helps Cities Create Better Urban Environment

Artificial intelligence breathes life into mundane city objects, enabling them to interact and help local citizens. In addition to providing users with information about city activities and wayfinding, these interactive objects collect data that can shape urban planning and city services.  

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New Podcast: The Brave New World of Hospitality Robots

A staffing shortage in hospitality has opened the door for more automation and intelligence to fill in for desperately needed service staff. Rolling into that void is a new generation of service robots from Savioke who can deliver food, towels, and coffee to hotel guests. Listen to our podcast with Savioke’s founder who describes the value robots can have, including two guest-pleasing features: robots don’t sneeze on anyone, and they don’t need tips.     

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The Helium Network Flies High Through Cryptocurrency

The largest long range WAN is built from hundreds of thousands of distributed hotspots that provide wireless coverage and support communication for IoT devices. Based on blockchain technology, hotspot owners earn cryptocurrency depending on how their devices are used.  

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Additive Manufacturing Gives Supply Chains a Boost

Micro factories are cropping up as companies aim to strengthen their supply chains. Shipping containers that house 3D printers have become mobile mini-factories that can produce food, construction parts, and even military-grade products.  

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Guardians of the Infrastructure: Protecting OT from Cyber Attacks

Cyberattacks are becoming more common, and the impacts are too great to ignore. Industrial cybersecurity—from asset discovery to vulnerability mitigation—should be a fundamental component of network planning in all mission-critical environments.  

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