A heat exchanger with cloud-connected IoT sensors.
IoT Gives the Oil Industry a Boost of Energy and Efficiency

Oil is big business, so improving operations can result in big savings. Strategic planning enables energy companies to deploy cutting-edge IoT technologies that collect data from critical assets, even the hard-to-reach remote ones.  

Female robot in white nurse uniform and cap
Human-like Robots Support Healthcare Workers

Humanoid social robots, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, are joining the workforce. Their conversational capabilities and life-like facial expressions stimulate human brains and put humans at ease, making these robots perfect companions for elderly or isolated people.  

Chairs, sofas, and tables in hospital waiting room with digital screen showing healthcare information
Creating Better Patient Experiences with Digital Signs and Wayfinding

Health and safety in hospitals, office buildings, and shared public spaces has never been more critical. Healthcare providers and hospitals have tightened operational protocols to try and protect every person on-site. Among other things, this means reducing interactions among staff and visitors and getting patients to the right location quickly and efficiently.   

Classroom with desks showing computer vision of image of where things are located
IoT Solutions Make COVID-19 Safety Compliance Easier

Artificial intelligence enables remote monitoring of COVID-19 safety precautions, so companies can focus on their core business, while still protecting their employees and customers. It also lightens the load for resource-strapped medical facilities.  

Window to smart city center
Cloud Innovation Center Taps AI to Tackle Tough Urban Challenges

The ability to solve real-world challenges with emerging technology is a draw for seasoned and budding innovators. That’s the motivation behind ASU’s Smart City CIC development center, where faculty and students design AI-based solutions for the local community.  

Four men panelists and one female panelist for retail webinar
Watch our On-demand Webinar: Powering the Smart Stores and QSRs of the Future

The demand for smart connected technology in retail and quick serve restaurants (QSRs) is heating up fast. Retail stores and QSRs are looking for agile digital technologies that can add operational efficiencies, lower costs, and create omnichannel engagement with customers. Watch this webinar to learn how smart technologies such as IoT, edge computing, and AI are transforming retail.  

Railway car filled with orange goods
Poland's Largest Steel Maker Uses AI, Vision to Keep Distribution on Track

ArcelorMittal Poland converted its rail car monitoring system to foster greater accuracy and productivity. Its hybrid solution combines computer vision, deep learning, and near-real-time processing and identifies rail cars throughout a factory with just two cameras per checkpoint, while its weighing system uses the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to rapidly match the cargo weight to an image of the car for efficient tracking.   

Digital signage showing three young women in theater eating popcorn
Using Dynamic Digital Signage to Grab Students’ Attention

Digital signage in schools and on college campuses brings dynamic information to students and staff. From health and safety reminders to social and job opportunities these customizable displays are designed to engage, inform, and entertain without direct human interaction.  

Image of a corn maze with a thank you to first responders
Farmers Find A-Mazing Ways to Add Revenue and Fun with Smart AgTech

Fall brings crisp air, cool temps, and corn mazes. Once created by hand, GPS and cloud-based technologies enable farmers to develop intricate mazes and integrate Web-based interactive games that bring additional revenue to farmers.  

two people stand in front of diagnostic screens
Smart Health Screening Solutions Help Schools Detect, Manage COVID-19

As schools open after pandemic restrictions, student health remains a priority for families and administrators. Technology can help parents screen their children’s vital health information in the privacy of their own home for entrance to schools and can provide a solution to screen students on-site to make sure they’re healthy.   

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