Jared Leisek, AWP founder (left), and Doug Bishop, AWP’s lead diver and investigator (right).
A Deep Dive on How Adventures with Purpose Puts Search and Rescue Tech to Work

The underwater search and recovery group taps a fleet of smart technology, including sonar, drones, and underwater voice communications to crack cold cases of missing persons and vehicles.

Kepware solution used on a digital device.
The Rosetta Stone of Digital Automation

Nothing can derail a digital automation upgrade faster than the overwhelming complexity of collecting and analyzing data from the myriad devices, sensors, and machines, all of which use different protocols and interfaces. A new collaborative solution enables manufacturers to harness the data in their OT and IT networks to gain valuable insights across the enterprise.

Matt Tyler, Vice President of Strategic Innovation and Business Development at Wachter
New Podcast: Holograms, Beacons, and More: Transformative Retail Tech

The pandemic ignited innovation in retail technology, making online shopping king. The online ordering process and the revamped in-store customer experience are critical elements of success for every retailer. In our podcast, Wachter’s VP of Strategic Innovation Matt Tyler talks about the digital transformation happening in retail and QSRs, which includes automation technology for logistics and conveyance, as well as solutions that feel like something out of a Star Wars movie–holograms, video walls, and dynamic digital displays.

IoT Integrator "Seeing is Believing with Computer Vision" eBook cover.
Get the IoTSI eBook: Seeing Is Believing with Computer Vision

Download our new IoT Solution Integrator eBook to find out how video analytics can accelerate operations, enrich customer experiences, and improve human health and safety. 

Enevo sensor installed on a waste container.
Smart IoT Platform Helps Cities, QSRs Optimize Waste Management

Ineffective waste management strategies are costly and often harmful to the environment. Enevo, a progressive waste technology company, is using IoT to reduce waste-related costs, increase sustainability, and optimize waste management.

Wearable smart fabric sleeve.
Military Snags Fibers to Make Multipurpose Smart Clothes

Wearable technologies move from an armband to a shirt to a full uniform. Embedded programmable fibers can track a person’s physiological conditions and send alerts if the person is in need of medical attention.

Workers making animal feed.
Animal Feed Manufacturer Uses IoT to Enhance Sustainability

Enterra, which produces insect ingredients for animal feed and pet food companies, wanted to gain real-time visibility into its operations to enable greater sustainability and efficiency. The company tapped Intel® IoT Solution Aggregator Ingram Micro and solution implementer WBM Technologies Inc. to help achieve its goals.

Supply chain oversight using the Inspectorio platform.
AI Brings Visibility to Supply Chain Partnerships

Even with the rise of Industry 4.0, much of today’s supply chain reporting is handled with pen and paper. It is slow, often inaccurate, and provides no transparency along the way. A platform that digitizes the supply chain network enables retailers and suppliers to gain visibility and be accountable, from sourcing to delivery.

CyberMDX Technologies Healthcare Security Suite
Cybersecurity Solution Aims to Protect Medical Devices

Without the proper security, the plethora of IoT devices can leave hospital networks vulnerable to bad actors and ransomware attacks. Cybersecurity software that can assess all devices on the enterprise, determine risk levels, and present mitigation strategies can strengthen the network, safeguard patient privacy, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Kelly Ireland, CBT
New Podcast: Bridging the IT/OT Gap

As the number of edge computing continues to increase, so does the volume of available data. Now, organizations are in dire need of ways for the workforce to better interpret meaningful information from all the data generated from disparate IT/OT systems. In our podcast, Kelly Ireland, Founder, CTO, and CEO at CBT talks about innovative solutions such as her company’s Connected Worker technology that can enable workers to use smart devices to visualize and consume real-time data and collaborate safely and efficiently. 

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