Monarch Tractor camera view.
Autonomous Smart Tractor from Monarch Takes Flight

With goals for a more sustainable future, vineyards in California are exploring the fully electric, driver-optional, data-driven Monarch Tractor. The in-field hubs of data are helping farmers maintain root to fruit visibility, analyze moisture levels, count fruit clusters, and perform other agronomy functions. Zero emissions and a realistic price tag makes this vintage of autonomous tractors appealing to many.

Lipk™ intelligent kiosk from Baüne
Empowering Healthcare Consumers with Edge Computing

A smart kiosk and advanced wearable from Baüne Ecosystem give consumers freedom from waiting in line at the pharmacy counter and power to monitor and manage important health data in collaboration with their healthcare providers. 

Transparent Path sensor
Transparent Path Adds Intelligence to Long-Haul Cargo Monitoring

5G sensors working with cloud-based analytics allow shippers, distributors, and recipients to track location and status of perishable cargo.

Kasia Hanson
New Podcast: Lights, Camera, Action: The Intelligent Video Boom

As crowds return to public events and spaces, venue managers are challenged to find innovative ways to provide fast, intelligent security. They are moving to tools that use computer vision and AI and can keep a watchful eye on crowds flowing in, out, and around public spaces and events. To see what’s happening in the world of vision-based security tech, the IoT Integrator editors checked in with expert Kasia Hanson, Global IoT Video Sales Director at Intel®.

IntelliGuard Pharmacy Station
IoT is the Best Medicine for Pharmaceutical Challenges

IoT is helping increase the efficiency and accuracy of medication research and usage. Online pharmacies, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies are using artificial intelligence, RFID, machine learning, and more to deliver more efficient patient care.

Transparent Path box with sensor
Food Distributor Uses IoT to Keep Tabs On Perishable Food Shipments

In addition to pallets of produce, Feeding the Northwest’s long-haul trucks are loaded with wireless IoT sensors that track the location, temperature, and humidity of their delicate cargo.

Challepa eSports complex
eSports Raise the Stakes with Smart AI-Driven Network

Playing games is serious business for QTnet. The Japanese-based service provider recently built a state-of-the-art eSports complex and sponsors the team Sengoku Gaming. Viewers and players from around the world are joining in with public play, 5-on-5 matches, video streaming, and more. An AI-driven network delivers great experiences to fans and professional players, ensuring fun, competitive matches for all.

CTA bus
Chicago’s CTA Improves Transit Using Real-Time Rider Data

Chicago’s public transportation system leverages edge and cloud computing to monitor vehicle capacity in real-time. The data, which is available to CTA authorities and riders, promotes public safety and informs CTA scheduling decisions.

VISuite video analytics solution camera frames.
IoT Boosts Video-based Security Systems

Security is a top priority for companies and government institutions across the globe, and that is fueling demand for artificial intelligence-based video surveillance systems. Strategically placed in smart cities, airports, and federal buildings these systems can ensure that citizens, employees, and passengers are safe.

Healthcare professional using the Connected Worker solution.
Connected Worker Technology Uplevels Healthcare Delivery

Telemedicine has become commonplace and is now widely accepted and used by both healthcare practitioners and patients. Connected technologies such as CBT Connected Worker can connect clinicians and surgeons with specialists who can guide them through procedures.

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