mobile phone screen showing restaurant information
AI-based Platform Analyzes QSR Customer Data, Levels Playing Field for Restaurant Owners

Brightloom combines data mining and machine learning in a software platform that identifies customer buying patterns and predicts future purchases. With detailed customer information, smaller restaurants can personalize offers to encourage brand loyalty and increase sales.  

cover image of The Edge Outlook report


Intel Report: Edge Computing Drives Business Innovation

Intel’s new report, “The Edge Outlook,” identifies edge computing as a critical factor that businesses must harness to successfully navigate and understand data both now and into the future.    

video screen image of man sitting in chair with green screen behind him
Artificial Intelligence Brings Together People, Past and Present

Holographic and voice processing technologies are enabling like-life recreations of people that can interact with others in real time. New AI capabilities enable people to “talk” to departed loved ones using an individualized chatbot. The technologies are being used to document personal experiences, capture family stories, and converse in real time.  

ship, trucks, plane and cargo mover
Faster, More Secure Onboarding of IoT Devices

FIDO Alliance has released an automated onboarding protocol for IoT devices that gives solution integrators a more speedy, secure way to pair any IoT device to any device management system.

Yellow autonomous bot moving through coral reef
Deep Dive: How IoT and AI May Help Save Coral Reefs

The oceans are vast, mysterious, and home to millions of species of marine life, some beautiful and others equally devastating. Researchers are using cameras, artificial intelligence, and machine learning systems to capture data about coral reefs and ensure they remain healthy and diverse marine ecosystems.  

woman doing yoga pose in smart garments with sensors
Sensors Integrated in Fabric Could Redefine Telemedicine

Smart garments can accurately monitor patient vitals and actions without needing typical medical equipment. They also can improve exercise experiences for individuals. With greater use of smart health devices, it’s no surprise that smart garments are on the rise.  

X-ray used for predictive analytics helps surgeons improve patient care
AI-based Illness Detection Systems Diagnose the Imperceptible

Artificial intelligence is being used to help doctors identify diseases quickly and with surprising accuracy. The emerging apps offer healthcare professionals an extra set of eyes and ears, finding subtle variations that typically escape human perception.  

Man in yellow safety vest and hat inspecting drone
Medical Drones Put to Work Delivering Transplant Organs, COVID-19 Vaccines

MissionGo’s flagship drone sets a new distance record and gets FAA type certification, ushering in a new era of possibilities for using drones in healthcare for delivering organs, pharmaceuticals, and COVID-19 vaccines.   

Smart cart filled with groceries
Smart Carts Make Shopping Easier and More Efficient

Grocery carts use artificial intelligence and machine learning to track items and tabulate customer purchases on the fly, eliminating the need for shoppers to stand in the checkout line. Data collected also provides retailers with information about consumer behavior, product placement, and inventory.  

vending machine with personal hygiene supplies for flying
Hudson News Gives POS a Fresh Flight Plan

As passengers return to airport terminals, Hudson Group is ready for their arrival. The airport retailer upgraded its point-of-sale systems during the heart of the pandemic, offering support for digital and in-store purchases and changing market demands.  

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