hand holding phone with digital price tag
AI-powered Digital Price Tags Help Retailers Sell More, Waste Less

Retailers are starting to use dynamic digital pricing to move products off the shelf and into the bag. The AI-based systems enable sustainable shopping by enticing customers to buy products before they spoil, reducing waste and improving profits.  

Food waste is pushed in bin and screen display useful measurements of waste
Commercial Kitchens Tap IoT to Accurately Monitor Food Metrics

More than one-third of all food winds up in the trash, which wastes money and saps resources. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping commercial kitchens reduce waste from overproduction and get it in the mouths of people who can eat it.  

AI-enabled visual inspection machine
Paving the Way for Smart Factories

Intel, EXOR International, TIM, and JMA Wireless collaborate to demonstrate the benefits of an on-premise 5G private network alongside AI.   

Grey, round containers that hold perishable items
IoT-Controlled Transport Containers Keep Food at Peak Freshness

RipeLocker shipping containers use IoT to help reduce loss of fresh produce and flowers. The portable, high-tech containers precisely manage atmosphere variables and help suppress pathogen growth to fight against decay during transit, so producers can reach more distant markets via ocean and truck instead of more expensive air transport.   

Photo of Richard Kerslake
New Podcast: A Simpler, More Secure Path to IoT Onboarding

While many companies have worked to automate IoT onboarding, until recently there hasn’t been an accepted industry standard. Existing solutions require that the end customer be known at the time of device manufacture, so the device can be pre-configured—which results in unnecessary costs. In our podcast, IoT Solution Integrator editors sat down with Intel’s Richard Kerslake to talk about the new IoT standard that could change that process and ease device onboarding.   

machine taking measurements of someone's outstretched arm
Small-scale Medical Devices Use IoT to Improve Accuracy

Hospitals are relying on IoT technologies to improve patient care and to help medical staff find the sweet spot for injections. Imaging and artificial intelligence open up deep tissues for more accurate needle placement, resulting in fewer sticks.  

woman in health strap with sensors mimicking an exercise graphic
Motion Sensor Technology Aids Care at Hinge Health

Physical therapists are going digital, offering exercise instructions and support remotely to patients. With wearable sensors and a mobile app from Hinge Health, healthcare specialists can add another dimension of care to patients and provide digital therapy with real-time visual and audio feedback to in-home patients.  

multiple graphics of skin sensors on hands for tattoos
Electronic Smart Tattoos Enable Control of a Robotic Hand

Researchers are using temporary tattoos to add functionality to robots and healthcare monitoring. Sturdy but flexible, these devices can track body movements and bring life to robots.  

woman caring for orchid plants
Booming IoT Use in Agriculture Leads to Blooming Orchids

Orchids need a specific climate and environment to grow, so one California nursery turned to a system capable of monitoring and quickly adapting to environmental changes. The KMC Commander system automates activities and monitors environmental stimuli to ensure Matsui’s orchids successfully bloom and grow.   

Photos of four panelists for Intel webinar
On-Demand Webinar: How to Deploy IoT Intelligence that Spans Edge to Cloud

Your IoT devices are running and have a lot to tell you. But are you listening? From repeatable factory automation platforms to resilient restaurants and retail stores to intelligence workplaces, see how to generate real value with AI and IoT edge technology.   

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