Female hotel guest looks at smart screen on bathroom mirror
The Digital Hotel Uses IoT to Create the Ultimate Guest Experience

The refurbished Sinclair Hotel gives new meaning to embedded IoT. Technology is built into every aspect of the hotel from check-in to room amenities to hotel dining. IoT and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) are making the Sinclair more efficient, drastically reducing power costs. Now, the automation has even more value in virus defense, as its technology profile allows the hotel to eliminate dozens of touchpoints when it reopens later this year. 

Intel infographic on smart offices
25 Tech Solutions That Can Make an Impact in a COVID-19 World

A new Intel eBook shares outlook and perspective on how intelligent and automated technology solutions may be able to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. IoT is positioned as a linchpin of emerging technologies that will help create a safer, healthier world.  

Watches note contact interactions
The Future Workspace: Safe Office Social Distancing

As some states begin to lift lockdown restrictions, companies gear up to open their offices in ways that ensure employee safety and social distancing requirements. Businesses are tapping into an array of IoT technologies—many using employee cell phones—to create work environments that reduce touchpoints and limit the likelihood of an outbreak among staff.  

Lynx autonomous ATV robot
Developer Solution Kits Propel Robotic Production

With a surge of interest in the robotics market, production can’t keep up. A new development kit is making it easier to integrate artificial intelligence and machine vision into robots and test designs before creating prototypes. The result is less costly development and faster time to market.  

People walk by large digital sign projecting area information.
Interactive Digital Signs Offer Extra Value During Pandemic

High-tech meets sustainability and functionality in the growing digital sign market. During the pandemic, digital signs everywhere lit up, offering valuable communications such as transportation schedules, real-time wait times for medical care, and vital public health messages.  

downtown city
COVID-19 eBook for Smart Cities and Transportation

This Technology Response Guide shares perspective on the pandemic and how technology may help drive global transformation in public safety, mobility, and sustainability.    

bosch air monitor
Silver Lining to a Global Shutdown: Better City Air Quality

Using satellite imagery, stationary sensors, and IoT air quality monitoring solutions such as the Bosch Micro-Climate Monitoring system, researchers are able to monitor air quality data from cities around the world. The real-time data provided by the sensors provides insights into the drastic—and positive--changes that have occurred from shelter-in-place restrictions during the pandemic.  

People walk by smart sign showing available parking spaces.
BrightSites Networked Poles Use IoT to Create Safer, Smarter Cities

Signify’s award-winning BrightSites smart poles transform the standard light pole into a smart network hub. With an array of integrated IoT technologies, real-time data monitoring, and energy-efficient innovations, cities can monitor critical environmental health and safety information to improve the lives of their citizens and gain an easy pathway to 5G infrastructure.   

X-ray used for predictive analytics helps surgeons improve patient care
How AI and Machine Learning Are Modernizing Healthcare

The adoption and implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are occurring in rapid-fire fashion in every area of healthcare. Everything from patient data records, to imaging analysis, to drug discovery, to AI-assisted robotic surgery is being retooled and refreshed through integration of these technologies.  

Thermal cameras test body temperatures
Thermal Imaging Market Heats Up as Businesses Start to Reopen

Thermal cameras can be an effective screening tool as companies figure out how to efficiently protect workers--while maintaining their health privacy rights--in a post-pandemic work environment.