Ynomia mobile asset tracker
The Connected Jobsite: Maximizing Construction Efficiency with Real-time Location Data

Ynomia’s IoT technology allows companies to convert the construction supply chain and worksite into a digital warehouse saving time, increasing on-site efficiency, and reducing overall costs.  

Farmer looking at soil moisture sensor
Investing in Water Restoration: Corporate Responsibility at Intel

Intel has been committed to environmental sustainability for decades, and now the company is diving deep into water restoration.

Plenty grows greens on vertical farm
No Sun, No Soil, No Problem

Plenty grows bountiful crops inside urban warehouses optimized by IoT, big data, and machine learning.  

smart farm using IoT sensors
Smart Farmers Plant Smart Sensors to Improve Farm Management

With a market projection to reach $20.9 billion by 2024, Intel IoT partners are bringing together sensors, security, and IoT platforms to help farmers meet their production goals.    

Libelium soil moisture sensor
Libelium Evolves from IoT Hardware Expert to Services Integration Model

Libelium is focusing on a strategic shift to offer IoT technology solutions specializing in vertical applications and tailoring IoT projects to improve industrial competitiveness.  

Time savings with smart cities
Smart Cities Technologies Give Back 125 Hours to Citizens Every Year

An Intel-sponsored study by Juniper Research show that smart cities deliver positive outcomes for citizens, including increased time savings and productivity, increases in health and overall quality of life, and a safer environment.  

A smart kiosk from CityBeacon displays useful city information and services.
Digital Kiosks Bring Connectivity, Communications, and Security to Dense Urban Areas

CityBeacon kiosks use Intel® IoT capabilities to bridge the digital and physical worlds, giving citizens interactive access to a host of dynamic community information and enabling city leaders to create safer public spaces.  

Smart city lights in San Leandro, CA
A Blueprint for Smart Communities: Understanding the Municipal IoT

To realize the potential of smart cities, public agencies will need to work together and figure out the Municipal Internet of Things.  

Street lit with smart lights.
The Three C’s of Earning Government Business in Smart Cities

Take your experience in government, transportation, utilities and energy, telecom and construction into smart cities to help them gather and analyze data from bridges, lamp posts, buses, fire hydrants, patrol cars, cell towers, water meters, public trash cans, and more.  

store shelf
How Three IoT Innovators Are Helping Mitigate Lost Retail Revenue

Retailers are moving toward a fundamental shift in inventory management: getting rid of slow, manual checks in favor of fast, automated recognition and response.