pipeline on green grass with a blue sky background
Low Power WAN Yields High Energy Monitoring Solution

Data aggregation and low-power networks enable energy companies to roll out Internet of Things-enabled devices that bring visibility into their operations. With a focus on optimization and predictive maintenance, these technologies and the emerging LoRaWAN standard can protect their investments.  

View, equipment, and dashboards from an airplane cockpit
Use of AI Soars in Aerospace Industry

Airliners on autopilot are nothing new, but Airbus is tackling pilot stress with chatbots in the cockpit. Through the use of new technologies, Airbus is transforming the cockpit and upending traditional aviation. These integrated technologies enable flights to be more efficient, autonomous, and sustainable.  

Blue labeled device for monitoring refrigerators
Using IoT to Identify Malfunctioning Commercial Refrigerators

Climate change mandates are impacting supermarkets, which maintain large, often inefficient, refrigeration systems. Luckily, advanced sensor technologies are making it easier to identify leaks and track temperatures, making markets more sustainable.  

Tiny houses in various stages of building in wooded subdivision
Largest Community of 3D-Printed Homes Rising in Austin in 2022

New energy-efficient homes can be built faster than conventional homes, while creating less waste and giving builders more design options.

wood and metal data center building
Cloud-based Services Boost Efficiency and Sustainability

Businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint can turn to cloud-based computing, which already offers operational efficiencies. With cloud computing providers determined to reduce their own carbon emissions and to improve sustainability, their customers will see the impact as well.  

crowd of people in arena watching an event with floating IoT lights
Connected Smart Infrared Devices Allow Venues to Light Up the Night

Montreal-based PixMob created wireless LED lighting technology for a connected crowd experience. The devices connect all audience members and encourage participation, regardless of where they are seated, turning the crowd into a show as well.   

Wine shelf with digital display of wine bottles
Palate-pleasing Wines Stem from IoT and AI Solutions

Artificial intelligence is helping retailers sell wine. New technologies demystify the wine-purchasing experience, giving customers detailed product information and personalized recommendations at the point of purchase.  

images of ships and icebergs used for an AI algorithm
New Podcast: Data, Data Everywhere: Putting It to Work

Many companies like to talk about how they moved to data-driven operations. Putting data to work, however, requires a solid understanding of how to use massive amounts of sensor-collected data to solve real problems and make adjustments, sometimes in real time. To better understand what’s happening with IoT, AI, and data analytics, we talked with a data science expert from Intel® who also holds the distinction of being the company’s only Kaggle Grandmaster.   

eBook IoT retail automation


eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Future-Ready IoT Retail Automation

Download our IoT Solution Integrator eBook to find out about the seven hottest IoT solutions for retail and how they are transforming the customer experience.

safety booth on industrial manufacturing floor
ASUS Keeps an AI on Quality Control in Smart Manufacturing

Automating quality control on production lines improves defect detection and ensures continuous operations. A customized automated optical defect detector leads one hardware vendor to build a software development kit to help system integrators improve their clients’ manufacturing processes.  

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