Connect the Dots: Heart-Rate Monitor Accelerates Internet of Us

Easy, low-power heart rate monitor integrates both ECG and PPG.

Checking In: The IoT Hotel Room of the Future

In the newest wave of room improvements, Marriott International teamed up with Samsung and Legrand to create the hospitality industry’s Internet of Things hotel room.

Digital signage for retailers.
Reaching Millennial Retail Customers with IoT

Retailers are increasingly turning to IoT technologies to attract and engage their millennial customers. 

Supporting Minimally Invasive Surgery the Smart Way

One medical tool that frequently comes into play on the operating table—the endoscope—is getting an IoT assist.

IoT Remote Health Solution Connects Patients to Providers

The Intel Health Application Platform (HAP) can be used by remote care solution providers to enable a variety of remote health care usage models.

Saving the Walk-Away Customer with IoT Endless Aisle Kiosks

Storeworks kiosk technology helps retailers turn a pain point--a walk-away customer--into a profit-growing opportunity.

Insurance Companies Transform their Claims Process with Drones

The commercial use of drone technology by the insurance industry is ticking upwards. According to PwC, drones could replace over $127 billion worth of human labor and services, with the insurance industry accounting for $6.8 billion of that total.

IoT Telematics Puts Data in Driver’s Seat

For companies managing entire fleets of vehicles, monitoring the vehicles, while trying to reduce operation costs and focus on fleet efficiency can be difficult. IoT vehicle telematics can help. Incorporating vehicle telematics provides a range of benefits for fleet management companies.

Smart Water Utilities Put IoT in the Pipes

While gas and electric companies have been quick to adopt smart meters, water utilities are marching at a slower pace. 

IoT Provides Cost-Effective Patient Monitoring

While hospital diagnostic devices are expensive, remote tools that use IoT sensors can monitor a patient almost as effectively and help detect issues that need immediate treatment.