3d image of building with multiple dashboards of building data
Smart HVAC Systems Fuel Building Savings

Monitoring indoor air quality is a top concern in a post-pandemic work world. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help ensure employees are safe and buildings operate efficiently, even in less populated office spaces.  

worker using 3D screen to help position wire
4 Ways Virtual Reality Can Be a Game-Changer for the Workplace

Once the provenance of science fiction movies, virtual reality has gone mainstream. Today, virtual reality is no longer limited to gaming, as organizations are using the technology in the workplace to support several important functions, including training and collaboration.   

Screenshot of dashboard for temperature controls
Building Management Systems Bring Service Opportunities to Integrators

The increased demands for improved sustainability and energy efficiency highlight the importance of automated building control systems. Real-time data shows equipment and system performance and offers a path for maintenance service contracts.  

multiple images of school children, chips, healthcare workers
Leveraging Technology to Provide Global Pandemic Relief

The leader of Intel’s Pandemic Response Technology Initiative reflects on the past year and the company’s plans to address the impact of COVID-19. The initiative provides a 360-degree view of the challenges ahead, focusing on how Intel technologies can enhance healthcare, education, and the economic recovery of businesses at multiple levels.   

Screenshot of 5 things you can do to feel better right now
Digital Therapy Chatbots Provide Mental Health Services 24/7

Digital therapy apps and bots use artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to provide mental health services to users when and where they want it. And demand is on the rise, as a recent global workplace study shows that 68 percent of workers would rather talk about work-related stress and anxiety with a robot instead of their manager.  

Robot scanning for temperature of masked man
Healthcare’s Dynamic Duo: IoT and AI

Healthcare technology is entering a new phase of explosive innovation, triggered by a long-lasting global pandemic. In our IoT Integrator Wire podcast, Intel health and life sciences technology expert Stacey Shulman reveals what’s at the root of the disruption in a space that has been historically slow to adopt change. She describes the growth areas for health technology, ranging from digital health tools to hospital helper robots to intelligent telehealth platforms.  

Surgeons looking at images
AI-enabled Robots Bring Precision to Complex Surgeries

Robotic systems enable some surgeries to be accomplished with minimal incisions, drastically reducing patient recovery times and health risks, while providing surgeons with more precise views and movement during the procedure.   

robotic are reaches for bowl of ingredients
Smart Robotic Kitchen Tech Heats Up as Dining Habits Change

Combining technology and sustainability, robotic kitchens offer unique solutions to common food industry problems. Using artificial intelligence, these robots can monitor ingredients, make meals, and clean up with little or no human intervention.    

3D printer for cuts of meat
A Rare Opportunity: 3D Printed Meat Enters the Food Supply Chain

The public’s cravings for plant-based meats get stronger every year. In the next half decade, the value for global meat substitutes is projected to reach $8.1 billion. While faux shredded meat for burgers and meatballs has sparked lots of attention from diners and Wall Street, Redefine Meat is taking an alternative approach to developing alt-meat steaks with an intelligent 3D printer.    

racks of network hardware in data center
Service Providers Rely on IoT to Predict and Avoid Data Center Failures

The increase of edge computing power enables AI and deep learning applications, which connect back to cloud-based servers. With the rise of AI-based applications and cloud computing, data centers need to increase redundancy. New technologies are enabling predictive analytics to ensure individual servers and data centers as a whole operate with high efficiency.  

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