Photo of woman, Lisa Groeneveld
How to Tap the Superpowers at the IoT Edge: A Podcast with OnLogic Co-Founder Lisa Groeneveld

From gathering intelligence to providing predictive maintenance, IoT at-the-edge solutions are making an enormous impact in Industry 4.0. To find out what’s happening now in industrial computing, the IoT Integrator editors chatted with Lisa Groeneveld, Co-Founder and Chair of the Board at OnLogic. She describes how smart factories are tapping into data and automation at the edge, how the Internet of Things touches our lives every single day, and how her own company re-imagined operations in a COVID-19 world.    

Two tractors outfitted with sensors and cameras in field
Planting Seeds of Efficiency: Robots and Drones on the Range

The future of farming lies in sensors, cameras, robotics, and automation. Precision farming and Smart Ag 4.0 technologies help growers simultaneously address the increasing demand for food and the labor shortage.  

Illustration of people on assembly line reviewing dashboards of manufacturing data
Improving Asset Management with IoT and Predictive Analytics

Asset tracking and predictive asset maintenance takes the guesswork out of equipment upkeep and improves the lifespan of the machinery. The use of IoT shifts maintenance from preventative to predictive and gives companies more control over their assets.  

screen image of chipolte mobile app showing environmental impact of menu item
Chipotle Uses Sustainability Database to Score Meals

Consumer demand for sustainable products is increasing as the effects of climate change worsen. The HowGood database and machine learning are working together to determine sustainability scores for food products based on carbon emission levels.   

screen shot of mobile banking app offering tips to customer
Banks Use AI to Offer Customers Money-saving Suggestions

Artificial intelligence platforms improve customer service, security, and revenue. Now predictive analytics can assess a customer’s spending and saving habits and suggest ways to improve their finances--while introducing new and interesting bank services .  

An AI-enabled sewing robot for creating Adidas shoes
Athletic Shoe Manufacturers Use IoT FTW

Additive manufacturing gives shoe companies flexibility in design and development. Now shoe manufacturers are using IoT and 3D printing to bring tailor-made trainers to the mass market and develop one-of-a-kind shoes for every type of athlete.  

Screen of mobile app offering classroom help
Universities Use IoT to Increase Alumni Engagement

A strong alumni network can be a boon for college students, but making connections with alumni is a fraught process. One company has developed a solution that allows graduates to share their expertise with students when and how they choose, strengthening ties to their alma mater and helping their fellow collegians.

Students wearing masks surround teacher shown on screen
Telepresence Robots Help Engage Students during Remote Learning

Robots can vacuum our homes, deliver restaurant meals to our table, and patrol grocery store aisles. And today, intelligent telepresence robots are used in classrooms to engage students, help instructors teach, and facilitate interactive learning. 

Graphic showing areas of polluted and clean air
Universities Use IoT to Ensure Student Safety

After a rocky fall term plagued by COVID-19 outbreaks and temporary lockdowns, colleges are evaluating how to successfully bring students back to campus—if not yet to the classroom—for the next semester.

Screen image of Walgreen virus tracking index
Walgreens’ Use of AI for Flu Tracking is Nothing to Sneeze At

Combining geographical location data with demographic data and powerful artificial intelligence, the pharmaceutical retailer relies on GSI mapping to shed light on the spread of influenza and help direct medication inventory needed in its stores. The technology even plays a role in national COVID-19 infection tracking.