Smart Health Kiosk Provides Cloud-Based Wellness, Strength Evaluation

The lingering pandemic has paved the way for new disruptive health and wellness technology. Equipped with movement sensors, cloud connectivity, and AI, Netown’s kiosk solution can facilitate remote health evaluations and generate personalized training routines for users on its smart fitness training equipment.

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The COVID-19 outbreak has forever changed health and wellness technology. In the last two years, the industry has experienced many disruptive trends, including the emergence of digital health monitoring devices and smart fitness platforms. Giving these tools an assist is AI, which can take health and fitness data collected from edge devices and help healthcare professionals make informed decisions and personalized adjustments to a person’s daily wellness routine.  

One company that has developed a post-pandemic smart health solution is Taiwan’s Netown Corporation. An Intel® IoT Solutions partner, Netown created Babybot, a smart health evaluation kiosk and data control hub for individual health evaluation. The solution was designed for use in multiple locations, including hospitals and clinics, community centers, fitness centers, physical therapy clinics, and assisted living and retirement centers. 

Health Evaluation Kiosk

The Babybot kiosk gathers data on multiple health check points, including height, frailty analysis, muscle mass, grip strength, walking speed, and sit-to-stand speed. The kiosk can also facilitate vital sign measurements that include temperature, body composition analysis, and blood pressure. 

The data gathered by the kiosk is automatically uploaded into Netown’s cloud-based analytics platform, which evaluates a list of parameters to help healthcare professionals ascertain the level of wellness of the patient and determine care protocols. The program offers sarcopenia analysis, diabetes prevention tools, a general wellness improvement program, and a functional exercise plan.

In addition to the standalone kiosk solution, the company has a Babybot Portable edition. It is battery powered and includes testing equipment that can be used in the home by the patient or a home health professional. Just like the Babybot kiosk, the portable edition automatically uploads results to the cloud for analytics and evaluation by a healthcare professional.  

The Next Generation Fitness Center

In conjunction with the Babybot Smart Evaluation kiosk, Netown has developed a Smart Exercise series of workout equipment. Composed of four types of cardio trainers and eight resistance training machines that focus on major muscle groups, the equipment provides electrical-controlled resistance and auto-records users’ body movements. This series is designed for use in fitness centers, rehab training clinics, senior care and retirement centers, and circuit training centers at corporate offices. 

The Smart Exercise series combines a person’s health and wellness stats and uses AI to determine and adjust training targets. The ​user starts with a health evaluation, which includes muscle strength analysis and vital-sign measurements, such as temperature and body composition. The data is automatically uploaded and analyzed in the system, which generates a personal report for the user and a trainer.

During the training, the equipment can detect real-time exercise progress, and its AI analytics can adjust the training target. A personal trainer can check a user’s workout data remotely and assist or encourage the user. 

Key technology features of the Smart Exercise equipment include multiple login options, such as face recognition, QR code, or RFID. The equipment displays a virtual coach for workout tips. It has a motion detection system, so movement will be counted only when the user reaches a target range. Netown added a graphic UI design to make the devices more suitable for elderly users. The Smart Exercise series allows for group competition, which can enhance participation and increase long-term usage.

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