Monitoring Employee Health for a Safe Return to Work

Businesses of all types and across all verticals are experiencing a changing workplace, partially due to the shift in working models enabling remote and hybrid arrangements. As employees return to the office part-time, hybrid, or full-time, businesses are using smart connected technologies to help protect workers’ health.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to change the workplace. Many employees discovered that as they kept themselves safe from the virus during the pandemic, they could do their jobs from home just as effectively as if they were in the office. Now, more than two years later, many workers want to continue to work from home.

Businesses of all kinds want to offer employees agreeable work environment options. The Great Resignation, when a record number of employees began voluntarily leaving their jobs in the early stages of the pandemic, led to a global shortage of talent. Some employees preferred to quit their jobs rather than return to work in the office after their employers required their on-site presence.

Creating a Safe Work Environment

Businesses responded to the massive employee exodus–and the associated difficulty finding qualified employees–by taking measures such as offering flexible work arrangements. Many organizations now provide options for employees to continue working remotely or in a hybrid arrangement where associates can work from home part-time but also come into the office when requested. 

Research from The Conference Board found that just 4 percent of employers said they had required all employees to return to the workplace full-time. The research also found that 45 percent of employers required some workers to return to the office five days a week. 

Of course, some employees may be hesitant to return to the office environment due to concerns that they may be infected with the COVID-19 virus. Although vaccinations and boosters are widely available, breakthrough cases are common.

Employers are now tasked with coming up with creative approaches to help allay employees’ fears of contracting the virus when working from the office–and keep the workplace environment as safe as possible.

Truyo Health-Check Management kiosk.

Image credit: Truyo

Health Check Assessment Tools

One of those approaches is health check assessment technology, such as the platform developed by Intel® IoT Solutions partner Truyo. The solution, Health-Check Management, is a platform designed to give businesses the ability to gain real-time insights into the health and wellness of their workforce. 

Truyo’s Health-Check Management solution includes a kiosk, called Janus, that allows companies to perform contactless temperature checks and securely collect health and vaccination information as employees enter a workspace. The Janus kiosk is powered by Intel® Core™ processors.

The Health-Check Management software allows employers to customize in-depth questionnaires and enables dynamic reporting, so organizations can build intelligent reports based on health data analysis. The Truyo platform includes security and data privacy controls to protect high-risk, sensitive health information. The collected data is stored in Azure in an environment suitable for medically sensitive data with a redactable encryption certificate. 

Monitoring a Mobile Workforce

Using the customizable questionnaires, the solution can help organizations log information from workers regardless of their workforce model, so employers can monitor the health of remote, on-site, or hybrid workers. 

The solution also integrates with HR systems, payroll, business intelligence tools and more than 100 enterprise applications, according to Truyo. In addition to the Janus kiosk, companies can use the Health-Check Management platform on their existing hardware, such as a laptop or desktop computer. The platform allows companies to integrate additional health monitoring tools, including multiple state-of-the-art body temperature scanning solutions and other employee wellness screening applications. 

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