Digital Display Controls Enable Eye-Catching, Up-to-the-Minute Information

Media4Display software from Telelogos offers flexible, secure, remote management of digital displays. With intelligence, the digital signage software allows organizations to communicate in real-time with employees, visitors, students, or clients in all kinds of places, from restaurants to hospitals to schools to outdoor public venues.

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In most places where people gather, signage has gone digital. Putting events, announcements, restaurant menus, and other fast-changing information on monitors makes economic sense. And digital content can incorporate video streams and types of other multimedia for eye-catching impact.

An Intel® IoT Marketplace solution, Media4Display from Telelogos combines content management and device management in one system. In addition to monitors, Media4Display works with kiosks, tablets, and other screens. It can be operated from the cloud or locally and is compatible with Windows, Android, and Tizen operating systems. The Telelogos solution can also be powered by Intel® NUC Mini PCs. 

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Take a look at these use cases of Media4Display:

In Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals and clinics have to meet the information needs of two different audiences: workers and visitors. Workers and others who are well acquainted with a facility mainly need employee-related news and announcements; visitors need wayfinding assistance and information about policies and procedures. Both groups need up-to-the-minute information about emergencies.

Media4Display allows content to be customized by location, so that different audiences see appropriate information. Content broadcasting can be initiated automatically based on events, such as a security or safety incident. Content from external sources, such as streaming news feeds, can be integrated into displays. 

In Educational Settings

School campuses have large, diverse populations and a constant need for current information. With Media4Display, updating and distributing announcements, schedules, and lunch menus is simple. Systemwide and local information can appear on the same display. 

Because Meeting4Display supports touchscreens and mobile access, it can also be used to locate and reserve meeting spaces and equipment. Users can sign up to use resources on the spot or remotely. Information about usage of meeting spaces and other resources can be viewed on the back end, to help with resource planning. Media4Display integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Google Workspace, allowing users to reserve resources through the productivity software they may already use. 

In Communities and Government Buildings

Media4Display can also help government agencies communicate with the public. Digital signage in government buildings and outdoor public spaces can let citizens know about services and events, in addition to posting open hours and wayfinding information. Media4Display supports advertising, which can help underwrite the cost of kiosks and displays. 

The Maine-et-Loire département, in the Loire region of France, adopted Media4Display as its digital signage solution, deploying it in 15 high-traffic locations with information for the public about services, news, and events.

SNCF, France’s national rail, adopted Media4Display for signage in its train stations. Its signage carries both systemwide and station-specific information, in a unified design with a cohesive look and feel. Local agents control the information for their own stations through the software, which allows them to make timely updates.

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