AI-Enabled Software Takes on Diagnostic Reading

Artificial intelligence brings relief to burdened radiologists by reading and prioritizing scans with increased accuracy. A suite of AI-based diagnostic tools supports collaboration between medical professionals allowing them to view and share scans through secure internet connections for improved decision-making.

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Image credit: GE Healthcare

The great resignation and slowing economy have hit hospitals hard across the board, and radiology departments are no exception. Diagnostic imaging, a requirement for nearly all specialties, can slow down patient care if scans aren’t read in a timely manner. During the 2009 recession, radiology departments struggled for seven years to recruit medical students to the field, and some warn of a similar fate brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To fill the labor gap and to enable already taxed radiologists to operate more efficiently, hospitals are turning to artificial intelligence (AI). AI software can be used to aid radiologists in reading scans and streamline workflow. Robust algorithms and careful training models enable AI-based software to identify critical anomalies faster than humans. Those scans can be prioritized for review by radiologists, saving precious diagnostic time and commencing treatment more quickly.

AI-Centric Medical Support

An Intel® partner, GE Healthcare has created a suite of products aimed to help radiologists with these tasks. The company’s Enterprise Imaging in the Cloud uses the Centricity Universal Viewer Intelligent Tools and Edison products and is supported through Amazon Web Services. The combination of offerings provides assistance to radiologists and clinicians, enables greater collaboration, and improves patient care.

Last year, GE launched Edison True PACS, a diagnostic imaging and workflow solution, to ease the burden on radiologists. The Edison True PACS solution integrates the Centricity Universal Viewer and the Centricity Universal Viewer Zero Footprint Client with the Centricity Enterprise Archive, Edison Open AI Orchestrator, and additional third-party AI applications

The AI-based solution reads scans quickly and accurately, reducing errors by 20 percent that can result from fatigued staff. It also prioritizes scans, so radiologists look at the most critical first and have more time to ensure accuracy.

The Web-based diagnostic viewer and the thin-client clinical viewer (the Centricity Universal Viewer and Zero Footprint Client, respectively) allow doctors to access, view, and share patient data from an internet-connected device, regardless of location. It is fully cloud based and requires no additional equipment or staff to operate or maintain, making it affordable for smaller facilities.

Edison True PACS solution

Image credit: GE Healthcare

Image Management Automation

Other GE solutions also help radiologists stay on top of their game, and not only through reading scans. The Edison Datalogue manages patient records—a time-consuming and draining administrative task. Using an image-enabled EMR system, Edison Datalogue automatically manages all patient data and multimedia images in a vendor-neutral archive system.

The Edison Datalogue combines the Centricity Enterprise Archive, Universal Centricity Viewer Zero Footprint Client, the Centricity Clinical Gateway, and the GE XDS Registry, with the Audit Trail Repository, Media Manager, and other applications.

In the not-too-distant future, AI can be used for population health analysis. The AI models comb through vast quantities of data and images, which then can identify hidden or secondary medical conditions in patients.

For example, if a patient enters the ER with a ruptured appendix, an AI-based screening could find the patient also has an undiagnosed pulmonary embolism or early signs of heart disease. Armed with that information, ER doctors could treat those conditions immediately or refer patients to the appropriate specialists before a medical emergency sends them back to the hospital, or worse.

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