AI and Facial Recognition Improve Hospital Service and Security

Neonpass from startup Hoobox Robotics provides check-in services and access control, uses AI to predict where to allocate resources, and streamlines patient care. 

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Image credit: Hoobox Robotics Neonpass

Hospitals are places of healing, but they can also be places where diseases spread because patients and healthcare providers must be together in close proximity. Hospital care is also very labor intensive.

Neonpass, an Intel® Market Ready solution developed by Hoobox Robotics, is a healthcare-focused universal check-in platform. It streamlines the patients’ journey through the hospital and facilitates interactions with hospital staff. 

Self check-in, whether remotely via mobile app or at a kiosk in the hospital, minimizes the time that patients must spend in a crowded waiting room. It also reduces staff time needed to admit patients. Check-in, including submission of all documents, can take as little as 2 minutes. Neonpass makes check-in faster and less expensive than traditional check-in with a receptionist, according to the company. 

The Neonpass solution uses a variety of Intel technology, including  Intel® NUC Mini PCs, Intel® RealSense™ graphics and visual technology, and the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit.

Secure and Improved Patient Experience

Facial recognition forms the basis of Neonpass’s security strategy, enabling staff to know where patients and visitors are at all times, including when they move throughout the hospital facility. Hospitals can adopt the proprietary Neonpass terminal, co-developed with Samsung, or integrate the Neonpass API into existing smart kiosks.

Neonpass collects and analyzes data such as inpatient population, traffic flow through the facility, and time-per-procedure. Predictive insights from such data can drive efficient resource allocation. In addition to saving money, this can speed up hospital discharges and improve the patient experience.

Neonpass solution analyzing a patient.

Image credit: Hoobox Robotics 

Power to the Patients, Freedom for Staff

Patients can alert hospital staff to their needs using their Neonpass mobile app. Their requests are automatically routed to the department that’s most appropriate to respond. This can ensure that staff receive the requests matched to their skills and professional levels. 

In-Room Intelligence

Another Hoobox AI module helps control costs and keep patients safe and comfortable. The SADIA monitoring system integrates with hospital enterprise planning resource (ERP) systems. SADIA tracks patient behaviors that predict falls and bed sores, allowing staff to take steps to prevent injuries. SADIA can also track how much time is spent in patient rooms. 

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