A Hot Market: IoT Devices Help Regulate Body Temperature

Health-related fluctuations in body temperature can be uncomfortable and hard to manage. One perimenopausal woman couldn’t find a reliable solution to stabilize her body heat, so she designed an AI-based wearable to do it.

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When Debbie Dickinson began to experience menopause, she wasn’t having it. Her hot flashes were so uncomfortable, she searched for cures that could provide some relief but had no luck. She took matters into her own hands and partnered with her daughter, Markea Dickinson, to co-found Thermaband. Together they have developed the Thermaband Zone, an IoT-based wearable solution to help regulate body temperature.

The Thermaband Zone uses a battery-powered thermal electric pump to cool down or warm up a person as their body temperature shifts. It applies cooling or warming sensations to the inner wrist, a temperature-sensitive skin zone. It can change a person’s body temperature, similar to placing a cool towel on one’s neck or arm.

With 24/7 monitoring, the Thermaband learns a person’s typical temperature fluctuations. Using artificial intelligence, it can predict when a person’s temperature will change and automatically initiate mitigating actions. Buttons on the side allow users to adjust the temperature manually as well. It helps regulate temperature during hot and cold flashes and night sweats and offers five levels of cooling or warming.

Thermaband wearable devices

Image credit: Thermaband

Thermal Regulation

The water-resistant wearable wristband has sensors to monitor temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and other factors. The Thermaband smartphone app provides additional information to the user. For example, it maintains a log of historical data points, so users can look up trends and suggests triggers to avoid. It can reveal the frequency and duration of each thermal event, and users can correlate blood pressure and heart rate stats related to thermal events. The data can be shared with a physician as well.

Thermaband earned a spot in the Google for Startups Founders Academy, where the founders were able to dig into Google tools and resources to improve the product and company. The program provides mentors and experts to help startups refine their products, sales pitches, and fundraising efforts.

One discovery was that half the Thermaband website visitors were men, so the Dickinsons shifted their focus to include other non-menopausal uses. Thermaband can help regulate body temperatures for people who have had hysterectomies or are experiencing thyroid disorders, chemo treatments, prostate treatments, and a range of other medical problems. The product is in final testing and is expected to ship in spring 2023.

Embr Wave connected online platform

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Heat Wave Relief

Embr Wave also has a wearable temperature regulator. Worn like a snug bracelet with an LED strip, the user selects the mode (heat or cool) and pushes a button to initiate the selected sensation on the inner wrist. It emits waves that stimulate the body’s natural thermo-receptors, which can change a person’s body temperature as much as five degrees in three minutes. It also has a companion app that allows users to determine when and how long the cooling sessions should continue.

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